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Labels for School Supplies

Grab your Cricut machine and make labels for school supplies using Vinyl.
Course craft
Keyword cricut crafts
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Angie Holden
Cost $7


What You Will Need

  • Vinyl Permanent or Removable in any color
  • Transfer Tape Standard Grip for everything except Glitter or Shimmer vinyl.
  • School supplies to label


  • Choose Vinyl colors by looking at your supplies and coordinating the colors to the supplies.
  • In Design Space type out all the different words you need for your labels in separate text boxes.
  • Change each word to desired font and color of vinyl.
  • Send your design to cut. Do a text cut of one small item first to make sure you're getting a clean cut. *If your cut isn't as clean as you'd like try the Chalkboard Vinyl setting.
  • If you cut multiple words from one color cut them into individual words before weeding to make it easier to weed.
  • Weed excess vinyl.
  • Cut Transfer Tape to just larger than the size of your image and apply to word.
  • Using your scraping tool burnish front and back of vinyl to push vinyl onto transfer tape.
  • Wipe the surface of your school supply clean.
  • Slowly remove the backer from your vinyl and apply to school supply.
  • Using your scraping tool burnish on top of the transfer tape to press vinyl onto school supply.
  • Slowly remove the transfer tape.
  • Allow vinyl to sit for 72 hours before handling for adhesive to adhere to surface.


Permanent Vinyl is the best vinyl to use for most school supplies to help ensure your label lasts all year.
Removable Vinyl is a great option if you know you need to change a label throughout the year as classes change.
Removable Vinyl is also a great option to decorate the inside of school lockers as it can be removed for up to 2 years without leaving behind any residue.
Make sure when using a script font you use the weld tool to turn the word into one solid word.
Standard Grip Transfer Tape is used to transfer all vinyl except glitter and shimmer vinyl.
If using glitter or shimmer vinyl use Strong Grip Transfer Tape but be aware that it is very sticky.  Be careful when burnishing that you don't rub the transfer tape onto the surface except over the letters.
When removing Transfer Tape go slowly and at an angle to make sure your letters are sticking down so you don't accidentally tear them.