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puffy htv shirt
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How to Use Puff HTV

Give 3D puffy HTV a try for your next Cricut shirt project!
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Walakut Puff HTV I’m going to use orange.
  • White shirt
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut machine
  • Heat press
  • Green Cricut mat This particular brand of Puff HTV sticks best to a Cricut green mat instead of a blue mat.


Adding to a Mat

  • The Puff HTV is white on one side and the color that you are using on the other. The white side is actually shiny and the color side is more matte. However, the color side is what goes against the mat. You will need to remember that when using this product.
  • I think a lot of times you hear a shiny side against the mat, and that is not true in this case. If you want to check that on any product you're using, just take the corner and peel back a little piece. Then you can tell the difference between the product side and the liner side. You want the clear liner down onto the mat, which in this case, is really not the shiny side. Then just apply it to the mat and I like to make sure it's stuck down really well.

Cutting Puff HTV

  • Now we're ready to cut and you do want to mirror your design. Remember if the good side is down on the mat you always mirror. I find that just the regular HTV setting on my Cricut works. I just use the iron-on setting with the Cricut Explore Air 2. Once you have your setting, just load the mat into the Cricut machine. NOTE: Any Cricut machine will cut this product. Then, press the “go” button to cut. Once it's done cutting, we'll just remove the mat and move on to weeding the design.


  • Weeding is similar to any HTV. You're just going to weed away all the excess from around the outside, as well as things like the centers of any letters. I do find that this product weeds fairly easily. I don't find a ton of difference in the puff versus regular HTV. Once your design is completely weeded, it's time to press it onto our shirt.


  • I went ahead and pre-pressed the shirt just to remove any moisture. I have my heat press set at 305 and we're going to press this for 10 seconds at medium pressure. You might be able to get the same result with the Easy Press, but I would definitely use one that would cover your entire design and not a small one where you would have to move it. Locate your design onto your shirt then press.
  • It is a hot peel, so just as soon as it is done, peel back the carrier sheet on the top. The material will already be puffy as soon as the pressing is complete.