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Make Your Own Vintage Labels

Grab these free printable vintage labels for your jars! This is a quick and easy project to make any jar or bottle look old in minutes! If you’re looking for instant farmhouse style, this project is for you! Grab some kraft paper labels to make your own vintage look-a-like labels in minutes.
Author Angie Holden


  • First grab the printable files linked above and print onto your labels. There is one file for each size of label.
  • Cut around the label to distress the edges. You don’t have to cut into the label, just around the outside.
  • Once you have the vintage labels cut out, just rub the label edges onto your ink pad.
  • Set the distressed vintage labels aside to dry and start on your next one.
  • After your ink dries, it is just a matter of peeling and sticking to your jars and bottles.


Want an even more distressed look? Try tearing away the sides of your label instead of cutting, before you distress them.