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fall decorative candles
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DIY Paper Candle Wraps

Use your Cricut or paper punches to wrap candles in paper for a unique look in your home's decor.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Punches or Cricut machine NOTE: Both punches I used were Martha Stewart but any craft punch would work for this project. The all over punches are perfect for these wraps as you can punch anywhere on the page.
  • LED Tea Lights
  • 6 inch Candle Sleeves NOTE: These are real wax candle sleeves that your LED tea lights will just slip down into and they come in various sizes. You can also get battery-operated candles in this size.
  • 3 1/2 inch Candle Sleeves
  • Cardstock in the color of your choice
  • Double stick tape or spray adhesive


How to Make Wraps for Candles with Punches:

  • First let's make the version with paper punches. Keep scrolling if you want to use a Cricut machine to make candle wraps. Cut your card stock to the height of your candle sleeve. Then cut it to size with just a slight overlap where it will meet in the back.
  • On the first version, I used an edge punch down both edges of one wrap. Please note I left a small area on each end to use for the double-stick tape and so the punched piece would not detach.
  • The second version below uses the all-over punch which is perfect for this project.
  • I also made a third version that combined the two punches. These designs worked fine being held on the back with double-sided tape. Here they are with the candles turned off.
  • And with the candles on. I adore how the light comes through these wraps.
  • Just so you know the LED tea lights look so real inside these wax sleeves. Your guests will never know. You can also find battery-operated candles that are similar to these that are one piece. Either way, I know you will love how these look in your home.

How to Make Cricut Candle Wraps

  • Don't have any paper punches? If you have a Cricut this project is just as easy! I designed some fall wraps in Cricut Design Space and cut them out of card stock. Just add random leaves to a rectangle shape the size you need for your candles then use the attach function to cut them from the rectangle. I found that due to the way I laid out the designs, the wraps did not look as well with just the double-sided tape. So for these, I used spray adhesive.
  • Just spray on a generous amount (please spray your paper OUTSIDE as this makes a mess).
  • Lay your candle on the wrap.
  • Then just roll to adhere.


Please note that real candles are NOT recommended for this project! You can also purchase battery-operated candles that are one piece for this project.