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HTV Monogramed Oven Mitt from Dollar Store

Learn how to take items from the dollar store and personalize them using your Cricut machine and Iron-on/HTV
Course craft
Keyword cricut crafts, Cricut EasyPress
Active Time 30 minutes
Makes 1 set
Author Angie Holden
Cost $1-$5


  • 1 Cricut machine Iron-on/HTV can be cut on any Cricut machine
  • 1 EasyPress or Heat Press or Iron
  • 1 EasyPress mat or folded towel
  • 1 Weeding Tool optional

What You Will Need

  • 1 piece Iron-on/HTV any color/pattern
  • 1 pair Oven Mitt or other surface to monogram


  • The first thing you need to do is gather your materials and supplies.
  • Once you have your supplies and materials gathered head into Design Space and either create your Monogram using a favorite font or choose from their monogram images/fonts.
  • Size your design to fit what you're putting it on and cut it out with your Cricut machine. Make sure you place your material shiny side down on the mat and mirror your image before cutting.
  • After you've cut your image remove the HTV from the mat and using a weeding tool remove all the excess material from your image (weeding) making sure to get inside letters and any other small places.
  • Consult the Cricut Heat Guide or your material packaging to find out the time and temperature to press your material.
  • Lay your project onto the EasyPress mat or folded towel before pressing.
  • Preheat your base material to remove any moisture that may be in your material.
  • Following the instructions for your HTV or using the Heat Guide apply your HTV/Iron-on to your project.
  • After pressing allow your HTV to cool (how long will depend on the material you're using) and then remove the carrier sheet.
  • Once your carrier sheet is removed it's time to admire your personalized project.


Iron-on/HTV comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  You can mix and match colors and patterns to match or coordinate with what you're putting it on.
There are MANY different fonts that can be used to make a monogram, try out a few before settling on an image.
Consult your product packaging or the Cricut Heat Guide before starting to make sure you know all the steps for applying Iron-on/HTV and for the care after it is applied.