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Sprinkles Coffee Mug

Add sprinkles or confetti to any surface with the scraps you have around your home.
10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Makes 1 mug
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • This is also a project that is perfect for those small areas around the projects you cut on your Cricut. Save all of those tiny bits and cut them into strips.
    cutting scrap vinyl into strips
  • Then cut them into confetti pieces. You can just do these steps with scissors.
    cutting scrap vinyl into confetti
  • Apply the sprinkles of vinyl to your coffee mug by peeling away the backing paper and sticking into place. You will want to make sure to use permanent vinyl for this. I have found that it works best on coffee mugs. You can see my comparison here.
    adding sprinkles on a coffee mug
  • Just continue around the bottom of your mug until you are happy with the look. Your cute confetti coffee mug is complete and it just uses pieces you might have thrown out anyway!
    sprinkles coffee mug with scrap adhesive vinyl