The Mighty Glue Gun — have you ever used your gun like this?

Yep we talked about white treasures yesterday but I have another.  Not another one you say…  Trust me you are gonna love it…

Especially when I say I made it from this…

…using a glue gun…yes a glue gun.  I got this idea from Make the Best of Things.  You will need hot glue, tissue paper, fleur de lis on paper, mod podge, and your victim pitcher.
I just cut out my fleur de lis and used it as a template to get my glue on.  Yes hot glue right on that pitcher in a fleur de lis shape. 
(It is okay right now to think “this chic is crazy”.)

Scrunch up that tissue paper and tear it into pieces.  Mod podge it right on to your victim.  Over your hot glue detail.  All over the piece.  It will get a wrinkly appearance and hide all those wrinkles in your glue job.

Let dry and spray paint.

Now I stopped here cause I love it just like it is.  You can keep going like Make the Best of Things and add some darker paint to highlight.  So whaddya think?  Like, love, hate?  Still think I am crazy? 

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  1. says

    I sit here with my thumb and forefinger heavily bandaged: another unwitting victim of a hot glue gun gone wild. What a fun idea. I have to try it, but believe me….I will wear garden gloves or some type of protection from now on when I hot glue. I just hope my fingerprints grow back!

  2. says

    WoW! If it weren’t ten o’clock on a Sunday night I’d be off to a thrift store to find me an ugly pitcher to make over! LOVED it!!!

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