Make your Own Tobacco Basket — oh yes I did!!

Ever since Kimba got her tobacco basket I have been on a mission!!  Don’t know what a tobacco basket is??  Check out all her obsessive photos here!  So what to do…what to do…  I mean I can’t spend that kind of money on one….I would faint!! :)  So I made my own tobacco basket…DIY time girls!!  I created my own version for $1…yes a buck! :)  Are you ready to see how I did it?? 

First of all gather your inspiration!  Search google images for tobaccao basket and come up with great pics like this these…

Aaahhhh…yes just what I am craving!!  I needed a base…something to start with.  Yes it took me a couple of months to find.  But I found this at the thrift store for $1!!  It is some sort of flat basket.  About 20 inches square. 

I figured I could work with it.  Yes it is the wrong color, wrong texture, just wrong…..but bear with me!!

I began by removing some of the vertical and horizontal pieces.  I removed 2, left 3, removed 2, left 3…etc.  Vertically and horizontally…

I then realized you could push those pieces and move them..hmmm.  I pushed my “threes” together so they looked more like one large strip instead of little puny ones…

And after that was done I was left with this…

Okay shape was getting better….color not so much.  So first thing I did was do a couple of really thin and completely uneven coats of spray paint.  One in a light tan and one in white…

It totally did not cover all of the original color.  Just a LIGHT and UNEVEN coat of both.  And I did both sides of the basket…top and bottom if you will.

Yep I still wasn’t sold on the color.  I wanted more of that worn, been in a barn for too long look.  So I broke out some craft paint.  These are the colors I used for the entire thing.  (You love my polka dot birthday plate don’t ya??)  I mixed and matched these colors.  I ended up using a little more brown.  But the other colors this is all I used for the entire basket front and back.  The key is to put the color on lightly with a dry brush.

I just picked colors dabbed a little on my brush.  Then made long fast strokes on the basket blending the colors in.  I randomly placed the colors on.  No rhyme or reason.  And when I was happy with it I stopped.

A lot of the images I googled has some sort of stamp on the sides.  So I added a few letters on the side for our state.  You would have to look to find them but I thought it was a nice touch.

Now it was hard to take pictures of but can you see the various colors all blended together. 

Looks more like it spent years in a barn huh??

So where does one put a faux tobacco basket??  On top of my vintage sewing machine is where mine landed for now!

I must say…I smile when I walk past it everyday!!  I must show off my new pitcher for a minute.  $1.20 on clearance!!  Score!!  It it like a really pale yellow!!  I can spray paint it later if I tire of that color.  For now, I love how it adds a touch of sunshine!!  And if you missed my faux pottery barn wooden dough bowl tutorial — you will want to make that little gem too!  It is there with the wood spools in it..

  I truely love the way the paint turned out.  And yes it is not authentic…but for $1 it will do for now!!

If I run into the real deal for a steal of a price…you bet I will bring it home!!  But this one will satisfy my cravings for a while!!  I get to look at this gorgeous faux finish daily…

So have y’all been dreaming of tobacco baskets??
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  1. says

    Oh my goodness that was so genius! I want to make one… what are the chances I’ll find a basket like that? I was thinking of making one with slats of something… just not sure what! Yet! Excellent job, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    I love it! I finally found a tobacco basket this summer while in the Smoky Mountains. It was from the Wears Valley General Store (the one in the picture from the Valley Voice News up in your post ). The owner there sells them for only $20!

  3. says

    How do you come up with it? I’d be just wishing for a tobacco basket until I could buy one. I love that you are able to come up with a way to have it without sacrificing your family’s finances. Great job! The best part is how you said to get to look at it every day and smile. Lisa~

  4. says

    What a great idea!! It really looks great! By the way, I love the look of your blog too! Your subscribe buttons up top are just adorable!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    You did a great job. This gives me something else to look for when I am a thrift store…..great idea……thanks for sharing……

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