Make Your Own Wood Pedestal Bowl

Originally posted on Serenity Now.  Here is it in case ya missed it!!
  Today I am going to show you how to make your own wood pedestal bowl!  I have been loving mine since I made it for my guest post!  Read on then stalk your thrift store!!

This idea is not a new one.  I first found out about them from Kristi and her fabulous versions!!  I have been wanting to make one of my own ever since!!  Well…I finally got around to it!  And it was super simple!!  Gather up your wooden bowl and candlestick.  The bowl cost me 49 cents and the candlestick I had.

I just painted my bowl black to match the candlestick.  And that large top just screwed right off of the candlestick so I was good to go!  Break out the Gorilla Glue people!!

The instructions say to clamp well after you glue.  A gatorade bottle fit the bill just fine!!

Now I had my finished, perfectly painted pedestal bowl…

I grabbed the mossy rocks that I found at dollar tree after A YEAR of searching for them!!  But that is a blog for another day! :) 

But the perfectly painted part was not doing it for me!  So I broke out the sandpaper and scuffed her up…

Ah so much better!!  Gives a little character don’t ya think?

So now that you see how easy this is surely you won’t wait almost 6 months like me??  I mean this cost me 49 cents plus $2 for my “rocks”.  Why in the world did I wait so long??

Head directly to your local thrift store, goodwill, or yard sale.  Stalk the wood pieces til you find the perfect ones.  Break out your glue and gatorade bottle.  And you too can have gorgeousness!!

And if you don’t like it scuffy…I give you permission to leave it perfectly painted.  :)

Now to find a place to put this besides the back deck for the photo op…

Y’all let me know if you make your own!!
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  1. says

    Hi Angie-

    I love finding goodies at the thrift store. You came upon a winning combo. Love how you re-purposed them into one fine looking pedestal bowl. Black is so classic and goes with everything – so many possibilities to put into it when the seasons change- leaves, ornaments, Easter eggs…

    My best- Diane

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