Hive Vase — West Elm Knock Off

I love a good knock off!  I just love to create something out of a catalog!  I have never even seen a West Elm catalog until lately.  And welllll…I just had to make a vase…

I knocked off these West Elm Hive Vases.  I loved the white ones!!  Ready to make one of your own??

You will need a vase.  I already had a vase that I spray painted white some time back.  So I decided to give it some flair.  Don’t have a white vase?  Break out your Krylon on any old vase first! 

Now for the magic!!  Get a dimensional writer in white.  It is made by DecoArt and you can find it at Hobby Lobby or any craft store I am sure.  Mine was $1.99…

I cut a hectagon shape (hive shape) from cardstock and taped on a “handle”…

I found it easier to start on the bottom of this particular vase because the top was so rounded.  I made the first set of points and sides all the way around.  Miracle would have it that it came out almost perfect.  Fudge it if it doesn’t or make that the “back” of your vase.  :)

Now after that you really can’t use your guide.  The hectagons (or hives) are all going to be different sizes because your vase is not the same shape from top to bottom.  So I freehanded the rest.  Just connect your sides using a triangle, draw more sides off of that, connect with triangle, and continue on…

Now I put another layer of Krylon on top after the dimensional paint dried.  I think it make the hive pattern look more like it was a part of the vase and not puff paint.  Then I took black craft paint and mixed it with a little white to get dark grey.  I used that color around the lip of my vase…just like my inspiration piece….

Also the inspiration piece had areas of grey on the hives.  So I mimicked that with a brush and paper towel.  Paint on and wipe some off.  Just every now and again on the vase.  Not hitting every hive…

All that was left was to pick some marigolds and do a photo shoot….

My hive pattern was large like the green vases.  You could totally do smaller hives like the white vases.  Just be prepared to be there a while.  :)

I do love the subtle detail that the dimensional paint gives the vase…just enough but not too much…

Have you made any knock offs lately??  Ever scoured West Elm??  Or do you stick with Pottery Barn?

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    Hi Angie, what a beautiful job you did with the vase. First class. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please drop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me. I would love that. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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    Great job…I too have always loved these vases but never wanted to BUY one. I’ll definitely have to try my hand at making one or two. Goodwill here I come to find a vase! Thanks!


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