Hello Spring Wreath with @plaidcrafts

This post was originally on Mom It Forward but I wanted to repost it here in case you missed it.  March will be here this week and it is time for us to start thinking about spring crafts!  If you are ready to welcome spring into your home, this wreath is the perfect project.  Using paints from Plaid, anyone can make this fabulous wreath.  I found some yarn wreath inspiration on pinterest.  You can see my inspiration here, here, here, and here.  I took those inspiring wreaths and added my spin onto them…


  • Wreath form
  • One skein of yarn in spring colors
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Foam Letters
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scalloped Edge Scissors
  • Plaid paint (Folk Art paints in acrylic and glitter)


1.) Take your yarn and wrap around your wreath form. The variegated yarn will make stripes as you wrap. Once your form is covered, glue the end of the yarn down in the back.

2.) Create the “Hello” banner. For the “Hello” banner, I used a variety of pre-cut tag shapes. You can cut these yourself into any shape you wish or use pre-cut ones like I did. These do not have to all be the same color. You are going to paint right on the paper. One coat of acrylic paint and one coat of glitter paint on each tag. Make sure the paint colors you use match.

3.) Add on foam letters to spell “Hello” after the paint dries. Run a strand of ribbon through the holes at the top and tie on your wreath. If the tags do not stay positioned like you want, add a drop of hot glue to hold each in place.

4.) Now let’s make some paper flowers for our wreath. Take a full size sheet of scrapbook paper (mine was 12 inch by 12 inch paper) and paint it any color you choose.  Again use acrylic for the first coat and glitter for the second coat. Allow to dry. Cut into approximately 1 1/2 inch wide strips with your scalloped edge scissors. Fold each strip “accordion” style.

5.) Place two accordion folded strips together to make a circle. Hot glue both ends together.

6.) Turn over to the back and make your accordion circle into a flat flower like shape. Add hot glue to the center. Hold until set.

7.) Turn over to the front and add hot glue in the center, holding until set. You can really add a ton of glue to the back as it will not be seen. Be a little more careful in the front.

8.) Add these to your wreath with some more hot glue. But wait, they need a little something to cover up that ugly middle.

9.) Cover the middles. I found these plain wood buttons at the Dollar Tree and glammed them up with some paint. Again, one coat of acrylic paint and one coat of glitter paint will go on each one.

10.) Place the buttons in the center of your flower shapes with hot glue. Don’t have plain wood buttons? You could paint regular buttons or just use them as-is.

11.) Add a ribbon to the back of the wreath and hang this on your door.
This wreath will be a a lovely touch of glitter to welcome spring into your home.

My favorite part is a tie between the glittery paint and the fuzzy yarn. Maybe when spring sees this on my front door it will feel welcomed!

Are you preparing your home for spring?
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