How to Organize Your Sewing Thread

Yes Pinterest is at it again.  I saw this link on organizing sewing thread and I just had to duplicate it.    

Cuteness right?  It is like art and organization all in one.  Plus it is super simple and super cheap.  My kind of organization!  I used my mod podged pitcher and just put in a styrofoam cone upside down.  You can use any container that makes you smile.

Then just insert dowels and add on your spools of thread.  I have one extra long dowel cause I had some large spools also.  I use that packages of pre-cut dowels that you can find at Wal-mart or the Dollar Tree.

I tried to coordinate like colors on a dowel….

The entire thing turns into a big pitcher of ROYGBIV art but it is extremely functional.  You can even get thread off of one spool if you need it without even removing any from the dowels.

I am working on sprucing up my craft area and this one is going to fit in perfectly.  

So how do you organize your thread?  And do you have a pitcher ready to try this one out?

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    I love it! I have a case for my thread, but this is a super fun alternative!I love that you can get thread from just one if you want, without taking it off.


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