Baker’s Twine Pumpkins

These were first seen over at Crafts Unleashed.  I decided to blog about them here as well in case y’all missed them.  They are probably my favorite fall project this season.  These baker’s twine pumpkins are simple, timeless, and can really go with any home decor style.  Have you made any of your own yet?  What are you waiting for?
bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Materials you will need:

My materials were supplied by Consumer Crafts but all projects and opinions are my own.

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Begin on either the top or the bottom of your pumpkin.  I actually started on the top of the small pumpkins and the bottom of the large one.  Coat a small area in Mod Podge and begin to wrap in twine.  This craft is messy as you will get Mod Podge on your hands but I found it was the best adhesive for the baker’s twine.  You can pretend you are in school as the Mod Podge peels off your hands and looks like skin.  Please tell me you did that too?
bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  Be sure to put your twine tight as you wrap so you don’t get any gaps.  Using lots of Mod Podge worked best because the surface is bumpy and can be hard to work the twine around.  Push your twine down next to the row before it as you work your way up.

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

On the smaller pumpkins, I actually left the stem alone.  The end of the twine can be tucked under the stem on this end.  I really liked the natural appearance of the stem on these.

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

The larger pumpkin got a green baker’s twine stem as well as the orange on the body.  The larger pumpkins especially take a while.  Pop in a movie before you start on this project.

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Within the span of a movie, I had a large pumpkin and five smaller ones.  Enough to add to this display and make a very cute baker’s twine touch to my fall decor.  I think it was well worth it, don’t you?

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Intimidated?  Don’t be!  Start with a small mini pumpkin and some Mod Podge.  Wrap the small ones until you get the hang of it.  Then you can dive head first into a large pumpkin.  One large roll of baker’s twine will easily do a large pumpkin so don’t worry about running out.

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

The rest of the items on my fall display include:

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

Add these to your home for fall and to impress your Thanksgiving guests.  They will be amazed at your little creations!

bakers twine pumpkins fall decor

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    Just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this post in a fall decor compilation post I’ve put together on my blog! For the past couple weeks I’ve been gathering some great ideas for fall decor and I loved this! Hope you have a great day!

  2. says

    Danielle! These are precious! I have a large jar that sits on a shelf in my den and every season I try to think of something new I can use as a filler for it. I can just see it full of these little minis.
    Guess I better get started!


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