Bottle Cap Reindeer Kids Craft

Many bloggers have chosen not to blog due to the recent tragedy that rocked our nation.  I am going to instead put up some fun projects to do WITH your kids.  Hug them tighter.  Spend tons of time with them.  Be grateful for what you have.  Pray for those that have lost.  Donate if you are able.  Above all keep living — your own children still need you.  My thoughts are constantly in Connecticut but I am here.  My kids need a break from the news.  I have used a few projects as our escape.  I hope y’all can find your peace with the recent events.    I have a super simple kid’s craft for y’all today.  I figure the kids are driving y’all crazy right about now with questions about when is Christmas going to get here.  So sit them down and make a few bottle cap reindeer ornaments.  Hang them on your tree or give them as gifts. 


These are so darn simple y’all probably don’t even need directions right? 

A bottle caps, some google eyes, a red button, some faux sticks, and a red ribbon

Break out your glue and let your kids get creative. 




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    Awesome craft Angie!Really, really love your intro too. I made quite a few lego contraptions today at the cost of work left undone…trying to cherish the moments I’ve been blessed with and praying constantly for those whose lives were affected directly.

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    Oooh goodness. We have more than a few bottle caps laying around in the recycling area. Might as well put them to good use! I’ve been using red M&Ms as our red noses for reindeer crafts because I haven’t got anything else red on hand. Hope they’ll fit in a bottle cap!


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