Craft Paint Organization using Recycled Cans

Yesterday I showed y’all my newly organized craft area.  Today I want to share the details on how I organized my craft paint using recycled cans.  This is one of my favorite parts of the entire area!  

craft paint organization

Just look at all of that organized craft paint!  Just lay down various cans, cookie tins, metal canisters, etc.  I used enough cans to almost entirely fill my area.  Then I laid in my craft paint in roughly a ROYGBIV pattern.  The trick is to face the BOTTOM of your craft paint out.  That way you can see at a glance what colors you have.  As y’all can see, I am apparently a craft paint hoarder.  I think the problem was I never knew what colors I already had so I would just buy new.  Not any more!  


craft paint organization

Time to paint something don’t you think?  What about you?  Have you jumped on board the 2013 organization train?


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    I’m planning on spending the day in the sewing room getting it organized, at least to a good start lol! love the paint organizing tip, I can never find certain colors wehn I need them

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    This is the best idea EVER! I saw it on your craft tour post and had to find out how you organized the craft paint. I can’t wait to do this. I have tried a few different organizing methods, but none have really worked. I will be saving cans now until I have enough to organize my stash of craft paint. :)


  1. […] Recycled cans are great for organizing paints and other craft supplies. Coffee cans and others are perfect. Once you finish with them, just remove the labels and you can paint and customize them if you want. If you don’t have any cans around the house, you can pick up several different sizes for less than $1 each and then create your organized craft center. Via: Thecountrychiccottage – Organizing Craft Supplies with Recycled Cans […]

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