DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}

Y’all already know that I have a thing for sheet music.  Well I am at it again….
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
All you need is cardboard, sheet music, glue, and a little ink to distress the sides.  Yep that cardboard can be anything from an amazon box to your empty Cheerios box.
NOTE:  I have had several questions about where to buy vintage sheet music.  If you would like to purchase from Amazon and have a portion of your purchase go to support this site, just click here to search for sheet music you love!
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
I cut out four pieces of my “H”.  Yep that H template was just printed off of the computer and I cut the cardboard with a pair of scissors.
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
I then stacked up those “H”s and used a spray adhesive to make one thicker “H”.  I felt like one piece of cardboard by itself would not be strong enough.  And I used the spray adhesive cause I am not a patient person.  You could use your white glue for this also, just let it dry a little while before continuing.
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
I ripped my sheet music into pieces using a straight edge.  That way I would get a frayed look on the edge.  Then just start gluing.  I began by making sure all edges were covered.  Then I made sure all the cardboard on “front” was covered.  Paint each piece down really well with white glue.  You can use it on the front and back of the sheet music (it drys clear). 
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
I then went back and added smaller pieces of sheet music to make it pretty!  I placed all of my sheet music so that the print was right side up — I guess you could do it randomly I am just detail oriented…
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
Again with my detail oriented self, I also covered the cardboard on back.  Then you have to let it dry…sigh…the long wait.  I would say 8 hours or so just to be safe.  And then distress those edges with a little brown ink if you like that look (I do!).  I like the Tim Holtz Distress Inks for this.
DIY Chipboard Monogram {Sheet Music Letter}
And there you have it — a thrifty “use what you have” project!  
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Make a sheet music monogram from cereal boxes and old sheet music!


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    Angie — That is ADORABLE! Love it! Hey, thanks for all the great advice on my patio today at Amanda’s party! What a great repurpose for that coffee table! I happen to have a sheet of 3/4″ plywood in the garage. I just need to learn how to use my table saw! (hehehe) I think I’m definitely going to try that! I’ll keep you updated! Following your blog now!

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    This is such a great idea! I love how it looks and I am not even into music. My mom has played the organ at our Church since she was in the 8th grade!! I am going to use this idea for a gift for her!

  4. says

    You would not believe all the old sheet music I have. This is a perfect project for me! Maybe I should even think Christmas presents. Great idea!!!

  5. says

    Love the idea! So cute, and, because it’s made out of cardboard, it’s light enough to hang on my dorm walls without having to use anything heavy duty. Instead of using brown ink, though, I think I’ll use a trick I learned in grade school and age it with strong black tea. I’ll just have to be careful to make sure the ink doesn’t run…

  6. says

    Thanks for the thrifty idea! I am making this now! I had to tell my husband that I have taken on the pintrest 52 weeks challenge. I pinned this and the one thing he was worried about was the financial cash flow and making projects since we just moved! Thank goodness, we have tons of card board boxes in the garage, I have hot glue, and will be making an H and a B! Heather and Bert c= Thanks for the easy step by step instructions!

  7. says

    I like your craft blog. You have the same skill level without the intimidation of many of the craft blogs. Important to me, because I am not very crafty.

    Hope to meet you at Blissdom.

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    Oh I love this!!! I am just now finding it from Totally Green Contest and must do this for our Christmas deco this year– I wish the letter J sat well like the H does.. very cute!!! YAY!

  9. says

    Angie, just found you by accident and I have to say I love this idea! The letters covered in music sheet pieces really makes an attractive decor and the country flare the distress ink adds is really great. Thank you for sharing.

  10. says

    I am only mildly crafty, so I don’t know much about use ink to create a distressed look. Any tips like what type of ink to use and how to apply it? I’m opening a music studio next month and am creating some crafty items as rewards for a crowdfunding campaign to purchase our new baby grand piano! I love this monogram!

    • says

      Tim Holtz makes a line of distressed ink that is perfect for this job. You can either rub the letter on the ink pad or rub your finger on the ink pad and rub it along the sides of the letter.


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