Sewing Pattern Christmas Tree

Yep I have been bitten by the Christmas decorating bug!  I came up with this little Christmas tree this weekend….

Lovin’ it!!  I knew I wanted to use vintage sewing patterns…that is my new fave crafting medium!!  And I am the type of person that decides on a whim to make a Christmas tree…so…I carved a cone like shape out of some styrofoam that was in the attic.  I HATE going to the craft store y’all…and this makes me feel more green.  :)

So y’all don’t laugh at my little lopsided carving…it worked in the end that is all that counts! :)  Cut your sewing pattern into approx 2 inch by 2 inch squares.  This DOES NOT have to be perfect.

Take a pen with the tip retracted and wrap a piece of your pattern around the end.

Put some hot glue on the end and STUFF it into your cone shape.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Repeat many, many times.  The tighter you get them the fuller your tree will appear in the end.

Why did I use sewing patterns?  The details….

The creamy tan gorgeousness that I just cannot find elsewhere…..

Gorgeous, free, christmasy, what else could a girl want??

So what do y’all think?  Do you love vintage sewing patterns??

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Make a cute Christmas tree from vintage sewing patterns in minutes!



  1. says

    I love it, we were both on an alternative Christmas tree search this weekend, i made one out of doilies. I love vintage patterns, but can’t readily find them, you’re right, the color is perfect! and the cost….priceless!


  2. says

    I’m totally lovin’ this idea!!! Thanks for sharing! You should come link up and join in my “Very Merry Christmas Party” from Dec. 18th through Dec. 25th! Would love to have you!

  3. Anonymous says

    It so cute I might try it with scraps of fabric from old wallpaper books if I do it I will send you a picture thank you for the idea

  4. Anonymous says

    i just made one of these, but i used fabric instead of paper, i didnt need to use glue either, thanks for the inspiration

  5. Maureen the Budget Queen says

    Love this idea, I worked in a fabric store for five years where we were allowed to take discontinued patterns for free. Needless to say I have lots. I used a lot for packing dishes when I moved. But I love love vintage and this is a great idea, thanks Maureen the Budget Queen, ps love doing crafts that don’t cost much!!!

  6. Lynne says

    Remember hot glue is HOT. LOL. I burned my finger. Not pretty. I also handled the tree too soon and smashed the fluffy part of the pattern into the warm glue, so it’s chubby at the bottom and skinny in the middle and bush at the top.

    Patience is a virtue. I will, however, continue to do this. Does Mod Podge or tacky glue work?


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