DIY Framed Arrowheads Shadowbox

A bit of history is needed for this post.  We purchased our farm many years ago and the first time my husband turned some of the ground people came to ask if they could look for arrowheads.  That is when I found out that it is well known that there was an Indian camp on our land.  So this year when he decided to turn the land again, I decided I wanted some of the arrow heads for us.  Not because I am a collector, but because they are from our land.  I feel that decorating with things we find on our farm keeps the history alive.  So my hunt for arrowheads and a proper display began…

The display is a shadow box I found at good will for $3.99.  Yes I must be the luckiest person on earth.  Although I did search for this for a loooong time without luck.  Then one day there she was!!  Gorgeous!  And I did not have to do anything to it!!

Seriously these arrowheads plus many more not pictured came from about 2 hours of hunting on our land.  They are in abundance.  I just gave them a good scrubbing…

Yes some are not perfect.  But I love them all just the same!  It is about the history for me.  I mounted them using a small amount of hot glue on each one.  That way I can easily get them off without damage if I want to do something else with them.

Now I say all of them are not perfect but I think some of them are pretty darn good ones!!

I just laid them around the box til it looked good to me.  No rhyme or reason. 

I am in love with this little display!  The perfect combo of history and home decor…

Such detail!  Can’t you just imagine the craftsmanship it took to make these!  And to last this long in the earth…simply amazing…

This will be used on a mantle post coming up tomorrow so y’all stay tuned! 

So are you an arrowhead fan?  Do you love to decorate with found objects?
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    This display reminds me of one we had in our home when I was growing up. My grand-uncle loaned money to the Navajo Tribe in Northern Arizona in the 1920’s or 30’s and as a result had a lot of tribal pieces they gave him, some of which were some beautiful obsidian arrow heads. My mom framed a few against a beautiful turquoise fabric that may or may not have been hand-woven. I don’t remember. Your display reminds me of this shadow-box my mom made many years ago. Thanks for sharing it.

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