Sports Party Flags

I am planning a sports party for my youngest.  I thought some flags would be a perfect addition to the centerpieces.  So I broke out my PSA Essential stamps and got creative.  

PSA is doing a cross promotion with Touch Twin Markers.  I was sent some Touch Twin markers to try out. These great markers are double sided with a “broad” and “fine” end.  They were perfect for this project.  

Each flag combines stamps from the UBU All Star set with the Touch Twin markers.  

I am going with a red, white, and blue theme because those are the school colors here.

I loved mixing the broad and fine lines into one flag.  With the dual tips, it was extremely easy to make both types of lines.

 I just cut card stock into triangles, stamped, and decorated them.  Then I taped them onto wooden skewers.  Very simple.  The hardest part was figuring out four different designs.

I am thinking of adding them to mason jars somehow.  I will give y’all more details on how I use these closer to the party!

Now, do you love PSA stamps?  Want a chance to win some?  Head on over the PSA Stamp Camp and join in the fun!  Plus there are links to lots of other projects using the Touch Twin markers!
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