Washi Tape Ornaments

It is time for Craft Lightning!  All this week I will be sharing holiday crafts that can be completed in 15 minutes or less.  I will share an idea each morning and each afternoon give you a round up of other great crafts.  I am going to kick things off with a washi tape project.  Washi tape is the ultimate in quick crafting.  No adhesive needed!  My washi tape ornament can be made by adults or kids.  

washi tape ornaments

I started with a 3 inch wood circle from Consumer Crafts.  I just painted both sides and the edge with a red glaze.  See how the wood grain still shows through a little?  Love that!  Then I just added a strip of washi tape in the center after the paint dried.  Again painting and taping are great projects for the kids.
washi tape ornaments

Just trim the edges off of that washi tape using a craft knife (adults only).  Then I coated my entire project in Mod Podge dimensional magic (the silver glitter version).  Now it takes a while to dry but we are not counting dry time in our 15 minute time limit.

washi tape ornaments

I use a super heavy duty hole punch to punch a hole in my ornaments.  Yes a drill will work fine.  Make sure your dimensional magic is completely dry.  Then just thread through some ribbon and you are done!

washi tape ornaments

 Simple, easy, and a great project to do with the kids!  I hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned all week as we craft as quick as lightning.




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