Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt plus Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts @decoart_inc

Are you ready for Saint Patrick’s Day?  It is just around the corner.  So I am joining up with some of my blog friends to bring you some crafts.  I am going to share with you my Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt.  So simple yet so cute.  Plus it will keep your kids (or you) from getting pinched.  Perfect right?  So lets get started!

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

To make the ombre shirt you will need:
  • Holly Green Americana Paint
  • Festive Green Americana Paint
  • Sour Apple Americana Paint
  • Yellow Green Americana Paint
  • Citron Green Americana Paint
  • Americana Fabric Painting Medium 
  • Long sleeve white t-shirt
  • Dome Blender Brush
  • Freezer Paper
  • Ruler
  • Computer Printer
  • Craft Knife
I used the above colors of paint.  You can of course pick other greens just make sure they have a gradient effect.

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

Freezer paper is one of the easiest ways to stencil fabric.  Just cut your shape and iron it on your shirt.  That is what I used in this case and the outline turned out very sharp and crisp.
1.  Print a four leaf shamrock shape on plain paper.  Lay your shamrock under freezer paper.  Use a craft knife to cut the shamrock out of freezer paper.  Iron freezer paper to front of t-shirt.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

2.  Mix paint 2 to 1 with Americana Fabric Painting Medium.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
3.  Use a ruler to evenly space your colors.  TIP:  Write on freezer paper with a pen or pencil where your colors will change.


Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

4.  Insert scrap cardboard or card stock in between front and back or shirt.  Paint with each color starting with the darkest on the bottom.  Use your ruler as a guide for the lines.    

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
5.  Lines between colors should slightly overlap.  Paint 2 coats on your shirt.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
6.  When dry, remove freezer paper stencil by pulling away from shirt.  Air dry for 24 – 48 hours, then heat set for 30 seconds with iron.  TIP:  Shirt should be washed inside out on gentle cycle.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

 Now you can use this method to create an easy shirt for your kids or yourself.  Plus you can say you made it yourself.  This Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt is both simple and stylish.  If y’all love this, then check out what my friends have in store for you.  We have tons of Saint Patrick’s Day fun for you today so check out the links below.



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