Bathroom Transformation REVEALED

Today is the day — the day of the big reveal.  The green/white bathroom with touches of red.  Perfect for Saint Patricks Day!  I really feel like I need a drum roll….
I ended up not having a before pic of this wall.  It was plain white before if you can believe it.  Those frames all came from the thrift store and were repainted.  The other items on the shelf were all thrift store finds and the shelf was $15 at the Restore.  If you follow my blog, you will recognize most all of those thrifting goodies! 
Now for the before and afters — my bathroom is rather large as you will probably figure out…
Shower Area

Recognize that Framed Burlap Letter?  The shower curtain is yet another thrift store find. 
My Vintage Cabinet

This cabinet was my bathroom inspiration.  Scroll back a few pics — recognize the pattern I painted on the walls?
Yes…I have not found an appropriate replacement for that blue laundry hamper…I am stumped on what to get…  The framed pictures I highlighted earlier this week. 
Commode Area

Doesn’t commode sound so much more refined?  Okay maybe not….

And poor hubby had the flu so we are going to have to stare at those brass light fixtures a little longer…  You can just see the side of that shelf in the first pic — just so y’all can orient yourselves…
Sink Area



Again y’all bare with me on those light fixtures…ugh…  That leaf design painted by the door turned out to be my favorite one…so pretty!

Tub Area



 Yep I kept those curtains — I love em — that is all that matters.  The color inspiration came from a curtain swatch.  I have a plan for that bare spot on that wall but the spray paint job is not quite finished…I will just keep y’all in suspense.
 That wall paper border removal ALONE was enough to make the space better…but whew it was a nightmare…  So what do y’all think?

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    It all came together perfectly! The flower designs are wonderful. Did you paint those free-handed? I’m in envy of your tub! Ahhh….so relaxing….!

  2. says

    Angie, This looks fabulous! I love all your small touches-the pretty painting on the walls–Are they stencils or free-hand? So sweet without going overboard! Very pretty color too. Wanna do mine now?

  3. says

    For the painting on the walls, I took wax paper and traced the pattern on the cabinet. I took that to work and blew it WAY up on the oversize copier we have. I tried a variety of ways to actually get it transfered to the wall. None of which was too easy. Cutting it out of the paper and then drawing around it on the wall seemed to work best. I would then just paint it in by hand with white paint. It actually did not take too long.

    And cost:

    Paint and supplies approx $60 (I got a high quality paint due to the mess the wall paper left).
    Shelf and items on it – $30 approx
    Burlap “H” – free – already had all of it
    Shower Curtain $1.49
    New Rugs – $11
    Trash Cans – $3
    Flower pictures $2

    I really think that is it. A little over $100 for a BIG change! :)

  4. says

    What a fabulous change (for the better)

    How about a canvas hamper? You have room for one with three sections. You could paint your flower design on it. Just Google canvas laundry hamper.

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    What a great job~I love the whole look. The whole room with the white against the green looks so amazing. what a great makeover! Loved all your pictures. You did such a good job with the scroll design on the wall. Very creative and artistic….not generic, and I love that!

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    it looks fabulous. great job! what color did you say the paint is???? i love it.

    i’m having a small giveaway on my blog & i’d love for you to stop by :)

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    AWESOME! :)

    It looks sooo good!
    Brass, yeah that’s a hiccup in the process however, here’s an idea for at least your light fixtures. Spray paint in the metal family, they even have brushed nickel & oil rubbed bronze now! Based on what you plan on getting for the faucets, etc…

    I love spray paint! :)

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    Awesome! I love the color, too. Great job! I saw some really inexpensive wicker laundry baskets at Ross a while back, if that’s up your alley.

  9. says

    so much better, I love that color of green. In my old house we took out a lot of wallpaper, I’m so glad we didn’t have any in this house, I know it is a lot of work!

  10. says

    What a great makeover- love the stencil details! Thanks for the positive comment on my magnetic flowers, too- I also like them on the lamp. :)

  11. says

    I love all of the pretty touches you found and used to makeover your bathroom, it really turned out lovely! I also really like your paint color! And if you find the perfect hamper, please let me know because I need one too!

    Kat :)

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    Fantastic. I love the flower details on the wall. I ‘m looking for idea for a bathroom redo at my house. Might need to steal the an idea or two :)

  13. says

    You should be ashamed of yourself– really you should. You have forced me to finally get to painting the kids’ bathroom that has needed doing for some time. It’s all your fault- with your dramatic bathroom change, making it look fabulous and stuff, you’ve inspired me to actually get to this project that I’ve been happily putting off. LOL :)

  14. says

    Thank you all! No not free hand. I traced the pattern on the cabinet. Then took that to work and blew it up on a large copier. Then through trial and error I found the easiest thing was to cut out the pattern and trace on the wall with pencil. Then paint in with white. :)

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    How did I miss this! Your bathroom looks fabulous! You did a great job…i love that green color! It looks so good now with the rest of the cream in your space!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

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    Wow! What an awesome transformation! I just love this shade of green, and all the accents look great!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Hope to see you again this Friday!

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    What a gorgeous transformation! I love the white details on the walls and how you did them randomly. They really light your walls up!

    Gorgeous colour. Looks so cozy!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

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    what if you paint the hamper with plastic spray paint, in a coordinating or even same green type color? it would blend right in or even complement the decor perhaps?

  19. says

    Oh my…loving how you used the cabinet as your inspiration for the wall art. I saw one of these cabinets on Craigs list……must go see if it is still there. I would love to do this in my craft room. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    I love what you have done! It looks beautiful. Why about putting a burlap skirt around the basket and paint the lid white? Burlap is cheap, and the visual would be like a wicker.

  21. says

    I’m with Jody, why not try painting the hamper with spray paint for plastic until you find THE one you’re looking for.

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    Looks so great!! I love that green! It’s so cheerful. You might try just hitting those light fixtures with some highgloss white spray paint. It would be a cheap alternative to replacing them, and (who knows) you may find that they are just perfect and you saved yourself some dough!

    I found a storage ottoman that I use as a hamper. It has the dual purpose of functioning as a little seat to dress on as well. And, since it has a lid, I don’t have to look at the dirty laundry! ;)

  23. says

    Where did you find the pattern (stencil) that you painted. I read that you blew it up and traced it on the wall but I have been looking for a pattern like that and cant find one.

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