Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins — NO SEW!!

Sweaters say warm.  Sweaters say fall.  Why not make one into a pumpkin?  Or two?

Now ain’t they cute??  What do you need?  A sweater sleeve!  No sewing machine…I swear!

Cut it into three pieces.  Or two if you want to make bigger pumpkins.

Turn your piece inside out and put a rubber band tightly on each end.  Cut a small slit near the seam of the sweater arm.

Turn the piece right side out through that slit you just cut and stuff it til it’s full.

Hot glue that seam closed.  Yep hot glue.  It will work…promise…  Then take a needle and embroidery thread and go all the way through the pumpkin through the center.

Keep going around the pumpkin and through the middle about 5 times in 5 different places.  Makes it all pumpkin like.  ;)  Tie off your thread and I added a bead at the top with hot glue as my stem.

Mix it up and add a variety of things for stems!  I made two of these beauties!

Too cute!  And from an old sweater!!

So I have given in and added this touch of fall to my home.  Yes it is like 95 here…sigh…

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pumpkins from a sweater sleeve



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    Oh Angie Sweetie…
    This is so darn cute. I love it, and did you say simple? I have seen some beautiful sweaters of late, but were to small for me, but now I am thinking a punkin? Oh yeah!

    Thanks for the wonderful share. I LOVE it.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

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    Wow, it really is no sew. I didn’t believe it. I can handle this project. No where to sew right now but my daughter is always wanting to do fabric projects. She’ll love this.

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    Love it! I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for old sweaters, and I’m in love with pumpkins, so this is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your creative idea!

    Stopping by from Under the Table Sunday Showcase.

  5. says

    This is a great idea. It would work with socks too.

    And if one is able to do a wee bit of hand sewing they won’t have to make a slit. The method would be:
    Put the elastic on one end. Turn it right side out. Stuff it. Use a needle and strong thread or thin yarn to make a line of stitches about an inch from the top. Pull it close. Finish as above.


  1. […] Angie of “the country chic cottage” is a full time working wife and mother of 3 kids and she loves to craft and change out the decor in her home.  Angie’s “Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins — NO SEW” has to be one of the easiest craft I have seen and I love the print on the sweater she used.  Angie says, “A sweater sleeve!  No sewing machine…I swear”! Think of all the stunning pumpkins you can make with her idea.  You can make tiny ones with kid’s sweaters or large ones with a man’s sweater.  Keep a look out for old sweaters from the thrift store and I am sure as long and the sleeves are undamaged you can pick some up inexpensively.  Thanks Angie for sharing you talent. TUTORIAL HERE! […]

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