Spring Wreath with Coffee Filters and Food Coloring

Did y’all see my spring wreath on kojo designs last week?  In case you missed it I am going to repost it here…yes it because I am in LOVE with it!!  My spring with with coffee filters and food coloring is sure to make your heart go pitter patter.  

coffee filters and food coloring ??  Oh yes!!  Gather em up!


I used an entire container of 100 coffee filters for my wreath.  Get some water in a bowl and add the desired food coloring.  I started with just red.  Dip the end of your coffee filter in like so…


The water sort of wicks up and colors the entire filter.  I set mine on a baking sheet to dry.


And I did not divide up my filters evenly.  This looked like enough of this pink color so I went on to the next color…


Next was green using the same method…


I used the same baking sheet for all my colors and put a sheet of paper between each one.  They did sort of bleed through a little.  But the wreath turned out great so I would not worry about it if I was you!


Next came a purple-ish color.  Red and blue make purple! :)


When you mix two different food colorings you can kind of see each color on the coffee filter….see the blue-ish tint on the tops of them.  I thought that was extra cool!


Then I did a green-ish yellow for my last color.


Now to attach them to your wreath form.  I have standard wreath forms that I have covered in strips of white cotton material.  This makes it extra easy to just rip everything off when you are ready for a change and re-use the form.  I took each coffee filter and put the eraser end of a pencil down in it.  


Put on some hot glue and started attaching.  One row like this….


Then the next row like this…I just randomly put on the colors.  No rhyme or reason.


Then the inside row.

And the last row right on top.  Then any extra filters I used to fill in any gaps…..


It looks mighty full now don’t ya think??

I love the mix of colors, the fullness, the spring-y look to it, seriously everything!


I waited til the very end to put a loop of ribbon on the back for hanging…you may want to do that step first! :) 


Now my door has a gorgeous touch of spring…all with items I already had on hand around the house…


Go ahead and get your coffee filters and food coloring…you know you want to make a spring wreath of your very own.  

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Make a gorgeous spring wreath with just coffee filters and food coloring!


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    I love it!! Leslie, from Goodbye House, Hello Home, made one of these in white awhile back. I saw it when I went to her Christmas Fondue party and I’ve been wanting to make one ever since. This pastel one is PERFECT for Spring!.

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    All of you creative, crafty ladies amaze and inspire me. That wreath is so cool. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing.
    Stopping by from Amanda’s party.

  3. says

    I love it!!! Such simple supplies with a great finished product!

    Found the post at Kojo designs bloghop and visiting from copycatcorner.blogspot.com.

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    OMG that is so pretty! I am going to use this idea to make one for a baby shower in September. Love all the colors! Just became your newest follower. Stop by and visit if you get a chance. Blessings, Vicky

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    I made a coffee filter wreath for valentines day, but I LOVE THE WAY you colored the filters!!! Brilliant!
    I am going to copy your idea and make a sweet pink and white wreath for my girlfriend who is having a baby girl next week. This would make the cutest decor for the nursery!
    Thanks for the inspirations!!

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    Thanks so much for the idea. I am making one today but I think I used too much food dye…Mine is not nearly so pastel. But I think it will look good just the same. I thought I would hasten the drying so put my filters in the oven at the very lowest setting (170 degrees). It had an unexpected look…..the very edges of a lot of them burned, adding some more interest. I don’t think it would look good on a really pastel one like yours but on this one it will look ok. Thanks again for your tutorial. I have friends coming on Wed for coffee so this is very timely for me…..they will love it.

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    I’m digging that pastel pretty wreath! I’ve seen many coffee filters made into wreaths but yours is the first pastel one and it’s great! Thanks for the idea :)

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    I LOVE THIS!!! I want to make it like, now Lol! Can someone tell me how it will hold up if it would get “rained on”??? will the food coloring run onto the door and will the filters hold up?? I’ve been looking for ways to make my own spring wreath and this is the winner!!

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    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this wreath turned out for me!!! I made it a few weeks ago with my 2 year old granddaughter’s help and it was not only EASY to do, but so much FUN to share with my little El Bell!! (I am SO determined to make her a CRAFTER/SEWER!! :-)) I’d love to add a picture (and yes, I do have one) but I don’t see that option here. TO MEGAN: Mine is technically outside but it’s under a rather large roof over my front porch so I don’t know yet how it’s gonna do when it gets all the humidity from a good rain. NO, if it’s gonna actually get wet, this isn’t the wreath for you. It’s paper so not a good choice. Sorry because it is genuinely beautiful!! And my colors are a lot brighter than those in the pictures here. I used gel food colors for what its worth.

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    I would love to see the wreath you made! Head on over to my facebook page and upload your picture — http://www.facebook.com/CountryChicCottage. Or email me the picture and I will! thecountrychiccottage@yahoo.com So happy it turned out so well for you!
    As for these being outside, I don’t think it would hold up really well completely outside. Mine was behind a screen door. And I think it would be find under a porch. Otherwise, I think the coffee filters and dye would not hold up well. :(

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    Thanks for responding about my outside question…I think I’ll still make it and use it indoors somewhere! I think it will look great anywhere! I ended up making a wreath using bright floral garland I found (my first attempt at making a wreath!) and it turned out great so that will be my outdoor wreath. I also found neon food coloring so I might try those out for this wreath (I’m all about neon these days haha!) …thanks again for the responses!

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    So cute! I love how easy it was to make. This will be my next DIY wreath!

    I found you through you guest blog post at {AKA} Design. I’m one of your newest followers.

    BTW, you should link up to my It’s a Piece O’ Cake Linky Party every Thursday. {http://lovingthiscrazylife-melissa.blogspot.com/2012/03/hrefhttplovingthiscrazylife-melissa_5380.html}

    Thanks for sharing!


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