How to Paint Glass Vases — yes spray paint time!

Did you think painting glass vases would be intimidating?  Pfft!!  Here is my step by step guide on how to paint glass vases, bottles, jars, whatever you got laying around!  Are you ready to begin spray painting glass?? 
My daughter wanted a vase of these sunflowers in her room.  Well the vase had seen better days.  So…here is what I came up with…

Pretty in blue!!  Before it was one of those green glass vases.  You know the ones you have in your kitchen cabinets that you never use.  Or the ones you can pick up at the goodwill for 50 cents.  Yep those!  So step one in our how to paint glass vases guide is…find your vase!

Now that you have your vase you want to pick a color.  Yes a color of spray paint!  We are going to spray paint a glass vase!  Also you want to mask the inside of your vase.  Do you see what I did??  I shoved a plastic bag down in it…so simple…

The next step in our glass vase painting??  Spray!  Yes I did nothing to the surface and it worked great!!

All that is left is to let dry then put in your daughter’s favorite sunflower!

She added it to this little shelf in her room…

The results??  How to paint glass in about 3 easy steps!  And check out that before and after…

So are you ready to get your spray painting finger on?  You gotta love spray painting weather right??  Break out your glass and your spray paint this weekend!
See how to spray paint glass in just a few simple steps!


  1. says

    I’ve done so many of these vases. It’s amazing how a little paint can change them up! I did a whole bunch of white ones last year to stage my red bookshelf (repurposed door). Amazing. When you get tired of it, just poof! change it again! hahaha
    love your blue vase!

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