Beach in a Bottle Keepsake — Beach Bash Day 10

Welcome to day 10 of the Beach Bash!  Our bash goes from June 27 to July 20 with the former contestants of One Month To Win It.  Missed some of the posts??  Click here to read all the Beach Bash posts!!!
Emily with Homemade{lovely} is here today with a great keepsake for your beach trips!  The Beach in a Bottle is a great way to remember your beach vacation!    
Hi, I’m Emily from Homemade{lovely}. I have temporarily retired from teaching to stay at home with my 1 year old daughter. She is an amazing little girl and always keeps me laughing. I blog about all things homemade, with a little of our lives thrown in the mix. Come by and say hi sometime.

I was so excited when Angie asked me to be part of The Country Chic Cottage’s Beach Bash. I love summer and being able to go to the beach. Everything about the beach is fun… the sand, the water, the people watching, the worst part about it is having to pack up and head home. Here is a way to be able to take a little of the beach home with you. Make a Beach In A Bottle keepsake.

This project really couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is collect a little sand, some seashells or rocks, or anything that reminds you of the beach on your next trip. I also added a picture from the trip.

Fill the bottom of your jar with sand and add a label if you’d like.

 The last step is to add your beach momentos. Now you have a fun way to always remember your trip.

Many thanks Emily!!  I love anything with jars..y’all know that already! :)
  The Beach Bash has been full of great ideas and runs til July 20 — follow along with The Country Chic Cottage and don’t miss a day!!  Grab a button if you want and help spread the word!!

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    Such a great idea, Emily! When we went to Mexico several years ago I wished I had a better way to use the sand we brought back- this i perfect! Now I guess we better go again, eh? ;)

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    This is so sweet!! I have a post scheduled with many more examples of memory keeping in jars that include photos, just added yours. I think a whole collection of memory jars could look pretty awesome lined up on a shelf.


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