How to make sweater pumpkins — NO SEWING!!

Last year I made no sew sweater pumpkins from sweater sleeves.  They are still going this year!  So when goodwill had sweaters for 99 cents….I decided to go BIGGER!!  No sew BIG sweater pumpkins…

Ready for a tutorial??  It is basically the same as last year but I thought I would repeat it for all of you new to the CCC.   Gather up your sweaters…99 cents each at goodwill for me!! 

Start by cutting off the bottom of your sweater… 

Cut your piece into two…

Turn it right side in and gather up each end with a rubber band… 

Use the opening to turn it right side out… 

Stuff it til you are happy with it!  Then just hot glue your seam closed.  Don’t be skeptical!!  It works and more importantly it holds up great!! 

Now these next steps I did not do on all of my pumpkins.  I will go through the steps then show you a pumpkin without doing these steps.  I used hemp cording (found in the jewelry making section).  Rub your hemp threaded needle all the way through your pumpkin… 

Then run your cording around the outside, then through the middle again.  Repeat until you have 5 or so “sections” to your pumpkin.  Tie off your cording… 

What happens if you skip this step??  You end up with a tall pumpkin instead of a squatty one with sections. 

Now for the stems.  I had some mini grapevine wreaths so I took them and cut them in half, then wrapped them with twine.  You could totally use a stick that is slightly curved… 

I went a LITTLE crazy making pumpkins.  All shapes, sizes, textures….looove…. 

I also added some bits of grapevine around them stems for a little something extra… 

Here is another one where I added the sections… 

A total of six pumpkins to display for Thanksgiving… 

My fave??  The fuzzy ones!!  This was a rabbit hair sweater…it is soooo fuzzy and soft!!  Perfect pumkins!! 

And this is one of the striped ones from the tutorial above…. 

These look great all piled up and ready to display… 

Maybe you have a sweater in your closet already that you don’t want anymore??  Go get it now and get busy!!  No sew your way to some fabulous fall home decor! 



Turn an old sweater into a fun pumpkin for fall decor!


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    these are so cute and such a good idea! and so simple! i have to stop myself from any more fall decorating, but these will most likely be a craft of mine next fall : )

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    No-sew is really a great idea! Gotta love the old glue gun…
    Love the jute wrapped pumpkin handles. :-)
    Visiting from Kate’s party. ~ Sue

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    Very clever! Your pumpkins look warm and COZY by golly! Your tuts tips were very well explained and make things even better.

    Really sweet!

    Visiting from Centsational Girl’s Linky Party today {It’s Fall Y’All}
    Smiles and thanks for sharing,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

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    We donot have Halloween or Thanksgiving in Europe /The Netherlands.But i made some pumpkins too of sweaters and t-shirts and…(old) cushion covers.


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    I think I’m in love! The short, fat, fuzzy one is my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

    Visiting through Under the Table and dreaming.

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    Your pumpkins are so cool! I’ve seen others yet this was a new twist on the theme.

    Would you consider also linking to our Linky Party? (i found your post on the FollOWeen site). The theme this week is “Share Your Halloween Tips & Tricks (or Treats!)” – the blog is about ‘conservation’ and your idea certainly fits!

    Our blog is fairly new yet it’s getting quite a bit of traffic already and ranking very well.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Pam Hoffman

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    Fabulous! Especially the orange striped one! It’s the perfect sweater for that project! Thanks for linking up to The “Autumn Décor” Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!


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