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Time to clear our clutter from the kitchen!  I am participating in a Clear Your Clutter challenge with a group of bloggers.  If you missed any of the posts this far, check out these links.
Monday Mrs. Greene posted some great closet tips.
Tuesday HomeMadeville got her bathroom organized.
Now it is time for the Kitchen!

My first tip is the picture above.  Using a plate stand by your kitchen sink keeps your sink nice and clean looking.  Check out this pin for where I got my inspiration.  While you are there you can follow our Clear the Clutter pinterest board for tons of ideas!  
My next tips envolves those dreaded baking pans…

First of all, this cabinet is UNDER the build in oven.  Every night I would have to get on my hands and knees to get to my pans.  The second tip is to store your most used items where they can be easily accessed.  I moved things that I only use a few times a year to this cabinet and moved OUT my pans.  Then I stalked pinterest and every other outlet for a solution that would work with MY cabinets.  You know what…I found a simple baking sheet rack at The Home Depot for less than $10!!  Check out that organization…


My next tip is for drawers.  We all have one of these drawers…right?  Tell me you have one of these drawers…pretty please…sugar on top…

I found the coolest thing EVA…at Big Lots even!  This drawer organizer snaps into different configurations and was only $6…six bucks!

And check out what a difference it made!  Yes no person in their right mind should have that many batteries.  Would you believe that they were hiding in my clutter and I had NO CLUE I had that many.  Think of all the things that are hiding in your clutter that you don’t even know you have!

Now let’s talk pots and pans.  More importantly the LIDS to those pots and pans.  They don’t stack and they end up making my cabinets look like this…

 Again, every set of cabinets is different.  The solution that I ended up going with….mug hooks…

Screw a mug hook into the side of your cabinet and just hang your pot lids…

Now my cabinet looks oh so much better….

Now let’s talk about the kitchen command center.  Our kitchen is a dropping spot for so many things.  Back last year I got a paper organizer to try and keep everything organized.  Welll…the paper was organized but so many things got dropped AROUND it…

I straightened everything up and cleared the clutter.  The tip would be to create a “drop zone” for things like paper, mail, etc, etc, etc.  It is easily staightened up occasionnally and things are {almost} always where I can find them.

I also took some recycled containers and made these great storage boxes.  I will be doing a tutorial on how to make these later this week…stay tuned!

One last tip before I go, this one if for those pesky plastic containers and lids.  Last year around this time I implemented a storage system and it has worked….for an entire year.  You can find all the details on that one here.  I feel like if something has worked that long, it is tested and approved! 

Don’t forget the Clear Your Clutter series lasts all week!
Thursday clutter bust your playroom with Attempting Aloha.
Friday organize your garage with CondoBlues.
Saturday the Mural Maker will tell you all about maximizing your storage space.  

~Thanks for stopping by!~

Now link up YOUR organizational ideas!



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