Spiderman Cupcakes and Family Fun Night with @Spidermanmovie #SpiderManWMT #cbias

We are huge Spider-Man fans here y’all.  The new movie The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray next week and we were excited to get to see it.  You are too?  I have a way for you to pre-order your copy from Walmart a little further down.  Sony Pictures actually sent us a copy ahead of the release so we could enjoy a family night celebrating the movie’s release.  Awesome right?  So first of all I want to show y’all my Spider-Man cupcakes cause I am proud….

Before we get how to make those cute cupcakes….I went shopping at the Walmart deli for a Marketplace pizza and goodies for a family fun night.  My entire shopping trip can be found in this google plus album.  See that sign above the pizzas in the picture below.  You an download the Spiderman Augmented Reality App on either iphone or google play store.  Then just point it at that sign and you get comic book pages on your phone.

Comic book pages?  Oh yes!  You become Spiderman in your very own comic book.  The kids had tons of fun making mom the star of the comic book!  I just went with it y’all….if you can’t beat em join em.

You can also use the app on your pizza box and movie cover to unlock 3D scenes were Spidey comes to life.  Tons of fun for the 7-12 crowd at my house.

We also enjoyed some Spider-man themed goodies during our family fun night.

Plus our Marketplace pizza and a side salad!

Then I made these super simple cupcakes.  I was inspired by ones I had seen people making at Halloween with a spider web.  I just made the cupcakes using a store bought mix.  I then tinted a can of frosting red and put it on the cupcakes.

Then just take blue icing in one of those decorator tubes and make three circles.  One in the very center, a second in the middle, and a third close to the outside.  Then just use a knife and run from the center out in a few places.  Instant spider web!

Since those spider rings are on clearance this time of year, I purchased some of those and just stuck them in the very center.  The perfect ending to our Spider-Man family fun night.

So are you ready to preorder your copy of the movie?  Preorder the DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack with the mask gift set now!  Then make the Spidey cupcakes above when you watch it with your family.  
Also be sure to follow The Amazing Spider-man on twitter and facebook then check out the offer on vudu
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