Autumn Pillow from a placemat

I have an infatuation with the super easy placemat pillow.  I made one here and here…and guess what?  I am at it again!  This time an autumn pillow from a placemat…a super simple 5 minute craft that you will love… 
You will need a placemat, seam ripper, and poly-fil.  And something to sew closed the opening you are going to make.  You could even hot glue it if this pillow is just for looks. 
I got my placemat at Big Lots.  It was on sale for $2.30.  :)  Now that is a budget friendly pillow! 
Use your seam ripper to make a hole in one side.  Just big enough to stuff your pillow through…
Start stuffing with poly-fil until you like the way it looks… 
Then just sew your opening closed with your sewing machine or by hand.  Or use some hot glue…I won’t tell… 
To make a pillow with this much detail from scratch would take hours.  This craft will take you 5 minutes but you can impress all your friends with your craftiness… 
These are cheap and easy enough — you can have one (or more) for every season!  Get to the store and pick out your placemats today! 
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