Love Sign Knock Off — How to paint letters on a sign

  Are y’all ready for all the details on my Love Sign Knock Off?  I am oh so happy with this project.  I searched pinterest for some love project inspiration.  I found a sign on pinterest I fell in love with but…$300!!  YIKES!  My love project became an attempt to knock off that sign on a pint size budget.  I made mine completely with things I had on hand.  Yes free to me.  My love sign knock off…

Here is the original and my version side by side.  My version is almost exactly the same size as the original.  However, mine is three boards versus two.  By using three boards, mine is made with standard size lumber so that anyone can make one for themselves at home.  All you need for the letters is a printer, a pen, a ruler, some paint (I used Folk Art), and some patience.

I started with a little help from hubby.  We used some leftover lumber from building a barn.  Cut it to size where it would be approximately square.  My version is about 28 inches by 30 inches.  Very close to being square but not quite.  :)

We added runners on the back.  So it basically is assembled like a pallet would be.

I then painted it white.  It took about 5 coats as the lumber absorbed A LOT and bled through like this….

But I eventually got a nice even white coat.  Now for those letters.  This tip came from this source via pinterest and I heart it!!  Print out your words with any old printer the size you want them.  Lay them on your wood sign and trace around them.  For this sign, for example, I would trace the “H” measure and move my paper and trace the “E” measure and move my paper and trace the next letter, etc.

That will leave a slight indent where you want to paint.  Genius I tell you!  I wanted rustic letters.  So I used a very dry brush and left all of those natural imperfections….

Each letter is unique.  No sanding required. 

To me it looks more worn and less “forced” than sanding…

I loved how on the original the letters landed on the middle of the separations between the boards.  So I measure carefully and had mine come out the same way.  The measuring for the letter placement was the hardest part.

I am so happy this one got me through one more week of SYTYC!  Plus I am beyond thrilled with how this one turned out!



Make this love sign with a super easy technique for painting letters on a sign!



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