Pottery Barn Skull Vase Knock Off

I am back today with another craft you can complete in 15 minutes or less (not including dry time).  That dry time statement is important for this one because we are going to break out the spray paint.  I make a skull vase that was inspired by Pottery Barn.  Plus while I was at it….I made a set of three.  This one is very simple so let’s get started.

First of all let’s see my inspiration image.  Here is the Pottery Barn original.  It is actually no longer available on their site but these were $109 EACH.  Yep…ouch….

So I had these milk shaped bottles at the house already.  They were actually a thrift store find at around 50 cents a piece some time ago.  I usually experiment on them for paint techniques, etc.  That is why they are different colors.  But today they get to be the stars of the show not just the experiments.

I coated the bottles with Krylon Dual (primer and paint in one) in white and set them aside to dry.  Now we need a skull.  Take craft foam and any skull image you wish.  The skull, eyes, and nose should be cut from the foam.  The teeth however should just be scored with your craft knife and not cut all the way through.  You will have this when you get through….

Now glue those skulls on your bottles using a little hot glue or any other glue you have on hand.

Now spray paint them…many times!  The foam actually absorbs the paint so you will have to do multiple coats.  Good thing that spray paint is fast and I don’t have to count dry time in my 15 minute crafts!

I love how they are scary yet elegant enough to display in my home.  They remind me of poison bottles you see on old television shows.

I set them up for this little photo shoot but I am positive that they will be making an appearance on my Halloween mantle as soon as I get that done.

See a close up of the skull below.  You cannot see anymore of the yellow from the foam once you get enough coats of paint.  I would guess it took me 5 coats to cover up that foam.

Pick up some bottles from your thrift store and make something spooky today!


Skull Vase -- make your own Pottery Barn knock off in 15 minutes or less!  Click to get more details!


  1. says

    Love this easy knock-off- and I think you could use the Starbucks Frappachino bottles if you needed to. I might add a wash of grey paint over the face to give it some more texture, too. Thanks for the great idea!


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