30 Minutes Per Week House Cleaning Schedule

The number one question I get from most people is “how do you do it all”?  This week I am going to try to give you my tips and tricks for getting things done around your home.
I love to give my house a really good deep cleaning.  But I don’t have a week (or more) to dedicate to the task.  I generally break up the task over several weekends so that I can get the deep clean without taking a weeks vacation.  For this series, I thought why not take it one step further.  So I broke down the typical “deep clean” tasks into 52 installments that will each take around 30 minutes each.  That is right in just 30 minutes a week you can get a cleaner home with my house cleaning schedule.

30 minutes per week house cleaning schedule
The schedule below contains typical “deep clean” tasks for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.  Daily/weekly cleaning tasks are not included.  But if you want a cleaner more sparkling home by the end of 2013 — in just 30 minutes per week — this checklist is for you.  Tasks should take around 30 minutes — some a little less and some a little more.  There may be some tasks on the list that do not apply to you.  Take those weeks and either work ahead or do something that is not on the list.    



Click here to open up a printable version.  Y’all enjoy your new cleaner home this year!
Be sure to see what quick tips 30 Minute Crafts has for you today.  Carolina is joining me in bringing you quick clean for the new year all week.
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  1. says

    Such a great idea! last year I used a deep cleaning service to tackle things. But, this year, seeing as I’m all caught up, I will just use your handy dandy checklist and stay on top of things myself. I was already going to try and do it myself, but your checklist just made it easier. Thanks!

  2. says

    I don’t understand how this list works. If I only do each task once a week then essentially I will only be doing each task once a year. For example, i would think it would not be good to only clean the fan blades or top of stove once a week. So how is this list supposed to work?

  3. says

    Hey Veronica! This is meant to be a list for DEEP cleaning. So yes you would clean the top of your stove regularly. But once a year at a minimum you really need to get in there, disassemble it, and give the entire thing a deep clean. I hope that helps!

  4. says

    This is SO helpful!!! Obviously, I’ll probably tackle a few things a week at a time and then repeat the list. It gives a great idea of things we need to clean that we sometimes forget about! Thanks so much for posting:)

  5. says

    I appreciate what was intended here, but to be honest w you, many of these chores are a monthly chore…not a yearly one; others are quarterly. I was a professional cleaner for a long time…I know what I’m talking about.

  6. Sarah Smith says

    Thank you so much for this helpful list! I appreciate your time and efforts and generosity in sharing it!

  7. Jasmine Tuyee says

    Great list, although meant fo people without pets and kids. Many of these items are monthly for us (or every 3-4 months). The idea and concept is great and I will be using your list the compile a list of my own that will suit a family of five with 3 dogs, as well as a weekly chore list. Thanks:-)

  8. Brenda S. says

    Since every household is different in size and potential tasks to be accomplished, maybe the first 30 minutes should be spent formulating a comstomized list…

  9. kelly jones says

    I tried to access your recipes but they would not let me click on them. can you please let me know how to access them .

    thank you
    Kelly jones


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