Vacation Memory Box

Summer is not complete without some sweet vacation memories.  Store all of those away in a vacation memory box this year.  They can be on display yet still out of sight.  This is also a great project for a camp.  Kids can make their own boxes and then stow away their camp souvenirs before heading home.  This is part of the Craft Lightning camp crafts edition this week.  If you have missed any of the fun, be sure to check out the round up from day 1 and day 2.  If you want a chance to be featured here this week, link up your camp crafts to the Craft Lightning linky party.  Now lets make a box to store some memories.

This post is part of my design team status with DecoArt and I am compensated for my participation.  All projects and opinions are my own however.

Vacation Memory Box --- fill this box with vacation mementos, add the date on the front, and a picture on top.  Your vacation memories can be displayed in any room in your home. [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Camp Crafts Day 2

It is time once again for more quick and easy camp crafts with day 2 of Craft Lightning.  You can find more crafts that take 15 minutes or less to complete by checking out the round ups from day 1.  You can also get a chance to be featured here by linking up to our Craft Lightning linky party.  Now lets see what our bloggers have in store for us today.

First up is some fun painted pencils from Made to be a Momma.  This is such a great idea and the campers can go home with their own pencils for back to school.  Get the super simple instructions for making your own by clicking here.

  cl2 Painted-Pencils


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Dip Dyed Burlap Bag

 It is time once again for a fun camp crafts tutorial.  This time I am sharing my dip dyed burlap bag.  This is a fun project where you can see the difference between the area that has been in the dye and the area that has been out of it.  Sort of a science experiment for kids (or adults!).  You can see more quick and easy camp crafts by checking out the round ups from day 1.  Also be sure to link any quick camp crafts that you have up to our Craft Lightning linky party.  For now get ready to dip dye!

  Dip Dyed Burlap Bag -- dye a fun burlap bag in just a few minutes with this simple (and quick!) craft tutorial!

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Quick and Easy Camp Crafts Day 1

I am wrapping up day 1 of Craft Lightning with some quick and easy camp crafts.  Our bloggers have came up with some amazing crafts for any kids craft camp!  Or use these ideas in your home to get crafty this summer while school is out of session.  If you want a chance to be featured here this week, be sure to link up to our Craft Lightning linky party as well.

First up is One Krieger Chick with some amazing camp themed shirts made out of basic shapes.  This teaches shape recognition plus gives the kids a fun shirt to take home.  Click here for the full instructions on this simple craft.

cl1 camp [Read more...]

Plastic Canvas Storage Boxes

 Welcome to the camp crafts edition of Craft Lightning.  My first quick and easy craft is these plastic canvas storage boxes.  These are perfect for a summer kids camp because they are easy to make and the kids will love to take them home.  You can download my free template below and have all of the pieces cut for the campers.  Then they just use some basic sewing skills to finish off the box.  They will have fun and learn a little something in the process.  You can also make a bunch of these for your child’s room or even to use as party favor boxes.  This tutorial was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed however I thought I would add it here in case y’all missed it.  You can also link up your projects to the Craft Lightning linky party for a chance to be featured here all week.  Head on over and link up YOUR easy camp crafts!  

  Plastic Canvas Storage Boxes -- a great craft for kids at summer camp or anytime of the year.  Helps to teach basic sewing skills as well.

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Craft Supplies Galore Giveaway

 Y’all I have an amazing giveaway for you today.  I will have a craft tutorial up today as well but trust me you want to enter this giveaway first!  Thirty-seven other creative bloggers and I have joined forces to give you the Great Craft Stash GIVEAWAY! Each blogger has picked one of their favorite crafting tools to give to ONE lucky winner.  You read that right.  One winner will receive crafting supplies from 38 different bloggers!  The prize contains everything from washi tape to chalk paint, baker’s twine to sharpies –everything a crafter’s heart could desire!   It is the ultimate craft stash giveaway! the great craft stash giveaway 1 [Read more...]

Craft Lightning — link up YOUR quick crafts!

 It is time once again for Craft Lightning.  This time we are doing camp crafts all week next week.  So each morning next week I will post a quick camp themed craft that takes 15 minutes or less to complete.  Each afternoon I will do a round up of features from our blog partners for this series.  I will also pick one feature each day from the Craft Lightning linky party below.  So y’all link up your quick crafts now!

Craft Lightning Camp Crafts -- quick 15 minute crafts with a camp theme.
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Decorated Cupcake Stand with Labels

 My final labels project for the week is this decorated cupcake stand.  You can turn a plain cardboard cupcake stand into something special with just a few labels.  If you love this idea, be sure to head over to Crafty Hangouts where we still have tons of great party ideas with labels going up on the blog.  The entire series is sponsored by the great folks at Online Labels and our bloggers are coming up with some AMAZING party ideas!  Also don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom of this post for THREE $100 Target gift cards!  Now lets get crafty with some awesome labels. 

  Decorated Cupcake Stand with Labels -- use labels to easily decorate a cardboard cupcake stand!

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Cupcake Toppers with Labels

Can y’all stand any more party fun?  These cupcake toppers with labels are so easy to make and they are just too cute.  This is part of a series of party crafts that is sponsored by Online Labels as part of a craft video series on Crafty Hangouts.  You can watch all of the party craft videos there if you would like.  Also, earlier this week I posted a mason jar party centerpiece that would coordinate perfectly with these cupcake toppers.  Right now lets make some super simple cupcake toppers with labels!  (Psst….there is also a giveaway worth $300 at the bottom of this post — 3 winners will get a $100 Target gift card each — don’t miss it!) 

  Cupcake Toppers with Labels -- two different ways to make cupcake toppers with labels plus ways to use those labels in other elements of your party!

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Orange Breakfast Rolls Recipe

 If you love oranges, you will adore my orange breakfast rolls recipe.  I took a couple of recipes and combined them to make these great homemade breakfast rolls.  They are melt in your mouth good and I am sure your entire family will ask for more.  I know ours do!  Use both fresh oranges and orange extract for the ultimate orange flavor experience.  Serve these up warm or after they have cooled as they are delicious either way.   

Orange Breakfast Rolls Recipe

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