Monk’s Cloth Pumpkins

Yep I was eliminated from So You Think You’re Crafty…but…ya know I am okay with that!  You can head on over here and read my exit interview if you want.  Also be sure to go and vote for all of those great ladies and their costumes!!  I had a blast competing!  But heck I don’t have to come up with projects for the rest of the weeks!  ;)
I LOVE my monk’s cloth pumpkins and I am going to share a tutorial with ya!

I decided to use something called monk’s cloth.  I got it at Wal-mart so it should not be hard to find.  It is like soft white burlap but with a tighter weave.  Gorgeousness!  You will also need some sort of string.  I used hemp cording.  Find a couple of buttons, some embroidery floss if you choose, and some driftwood for the stems looks dreamy!

And you will need my patterns!  :)  Hand drawn by me!  I hope this works.  I think you should be able to download them here:
Feel free to use my patterns to make any pumpkins.  Link back to me pretty please if you blog about it!
Cut your cloth from the pattern.  You need four sides for each pumpkin.  The large pattern is to be cut on the fold.
Approx finished sizes:
Small 10 1/2 inches around, 2 1/2 inches tall
Med 18 inches around, 4 inches tall
Large 27 inches around, 6 inches tall
Put two of your pieces together and sew around one side.  I used a very fine stitch and sewed twice — right beside each other.

The drawback to monk’s cloth?  It can fall apart on you.  Double stitching required.  Keep putting on your pieces, sewing each one with a double stitch.  When you get to the very last “side” and are sewing it “closed” leave a slit (about 2 inches is good).

This is IMPORTANT!!  Learn from my mistake!  Sew around both sides of that slit BEFORE you try to turn and stuff your pumpkin.  The turning process will make the monk’s cloth fall apart.  So after you sew down both sides of your slit, turn your pumpkin right side out and stuff it til you love it!

If you want to embroider something on your pumpkin, do this after you turn right side out but before you stuff.

So after you stuff, sew up your slit.

Now get ya a big needle and thread in your hemp cording.  Tie a knot in the end and go through your button and then all the way through your pumpkin.  And through a button on the other side.

Run the cording up around one of the seams then back through the next button hole.  Pull TIGHT!!  All the way through the pumpkin again and to the button on the bottom.  You repeat this down all 4 seams.

See you pull TIGHT!  That gives you that pumpkin look.  And the button keeps your thread from going all the way through the monk’s cloth.  Tie off your hemp cording after you complete all 4 seams.

Your buttons will almost disappear.

Now all that is left is to cut off a piece of driftwood and glue it on the top.

Make one or two or three!

Welcome in Fall!

Creamy white gorgeousness!!  Y’all be sure to let me know if you make any! 

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    Can I just say I was totally surprised that your pumpkins got the lowest number of votes? I’m in shock because I love them. AND can I say that I am totally bummed that you got eliminated!!!! When I saw that you got cut, I had to read it a few times to make it real. You rock and I just don’t get it. These are beautiful. Keep up the great work!

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