Burlap Christmas Trees

Did y’all see my feature on Tatertots and Jello?  In case you missed it I decided to repost the tutorial here…cause I love these little trees y’all!! 

Wanna make your own?  Gather two different colors of burlap, some glue, and some poster board. 
Cut your posterboard into patterns…like the pic below…I used a plate to cut into circles then folded into fourths.  Remove one of the fourths.

Use this to cut out your darker color burlap.

Wrap your poster board into a cone to make your tree form.

I just used a staple to secure.  Wrap your burlap around your form and secure with a clothes pin.

Mix 1/2 glue and 1/2 water.  Now…that same paint brush…the day before…I used it with some glitter paint….yep…glitter ended up in my glue.  I actually liked it after I finished it!  So maybe add a touch of glitter to your mixture.  Apply your mixture generously all over the burlap.

Cut the lighter burlap into a long thin strip.

Wrap it around your form securing on both ends with two clothes pins.


Apply more glue mixture…liberally.  And let dry.  Yes it will take a looong time to dry.  Then just remove the inner form by crushing it and pulling it out.   Just look at the contrast!

And here it is with my sewing pattern tree!  Oh so cute!!  Okay I am ready to break out the big tree now!


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Make this burlap Christmas tree -- simple easy to follow step by step directions here!


  1. says

    You’ve just given me hope for a tree!

    We weren’t going to bother with a tree this year, due to a (now 5 month old) new rescue kitty we’ve named “lily munster”, that’s a little to wild & crazy to have around a real tree! (she’s climbed my dragon tree twice and almost killed the poor thing).

    BUT, I do have a couple yards of light green burlap I can put to good use, thanks to your idea! I’ll make it roughly 2ft high, and add some handmade cloth adornments and add a few little white lights!

    Now I have to find time to get this done!

    Thanks you so much for this idea!

  2. Bettymnz4 says

    I became your follower last night and tried to post; it didn’t “take”. I use heavy magazine/catalog covers and other heavy unwanted mailed pieces for my cones.

    I will try your method of making cones; thanks for the tips.


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