Pottery Barn Imitation Apothecary Jars (Knock Off FUN!!)

Orginially posted on Infarrantly Creative — reposted here in case you missed it!
I love a good Pottery Barn knock off!  So let’s do a little pottery barn imitation today!  We all love apothecary jars!  They are all the rage in the Pottery Barn Catalog.  So I am going to show you a tutorial on making your own pottery barn apothecary jars!  Yep — DIY Pottery Barn imitation!  Guess what it costed me??  Take a guess….nothing, nada, zip!  So, are you ready to make your own apothecary jars?

The original Pottery Barn version comes in at anywhere from $69 to $149 a piece — yes each…

I made up a set of labels using the computer.  Guess what?  I made a printable just for you!  I made them all different sizes so depending on the size jars you have the perfect label is just a click away!  You can print them on regular paper or on label stock.  I used just plain paper for mine.

Your printable will look different than mine.  I added others in different sizes.  I took some brown ink and used a paper towel to rub it on each label.  I made some darker then others. 

I then gathered up random jars and bottles.  You could even use old food jars.  Anything should work for this.  If you could find some of those old glass spice containers with the lids they would be perfect.

Just cut your labels out.  Put Mod Podge on the back and stick them to the jars.  That is it!! 

So easy and yet they look so good!  I copied the names directly off of the Pottery Barn website.  Now I am wondering what all of these actually mean..LOL!

I love the brown ink in varying degrees on each label.  I heart these…I have been meaning to make them forever.  Now that I know how easy they are I am wondering why I waited! 

And when you get tired of these labels they should come right off with some water and elbow grease.  Perfect for me since I can never make up my mind!

So what are you waiting for?  Start printing right now and gather up your useless bottles and jars!

I added them to my vintage cabinet in the bathroom.  The perfect bathroom decor don’t ya think?

Free printable for labels to knock off your favorite Pottery Barn apothecary jars!


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    These are awesome!!! Gosh, now you’ve got me wondering what the heck they all mean… oh well, the important thing is the are just as cute as PB and next to nothing to make! Thanks for the printable too! jules

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing girlfriend. I’d kill myself before I spent that much on a PB Bottle. NO WAY! I wouldn’t even spend that on a real live OLD ONE!


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    Our Historical Society is having an exhibit (opening next Friday) on the beloved country doctor who delivered most of the people in town. We needed bottles and labels for his examining room. Your labels came just in the nick of time! Thanks.

  4. says

    These are great and really look vintage. God only knows what those potions are but they lend an authentic look to the Halloween decorations! I have a large bottle stash so I will give these a try! Thanks!


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