Organizing Using Vintage Items

I am doing a complete re-haul of my craft area.  It was a huge mess and was in desperate need of some organization.  I am not completely done, however, I have been using various vintage and thrift store finds for my organization.  I thought I would do a round up for you.  I know I will be looking for items like these when I go thrifting.  First up is vintage tins.  These are amazing square ones that have handles plus they stack.  A great thrifty find at ten cents each.

We have all seen apothecary jars used for organizing in different areas of the home.  I found this three tiered beauty while bargain hunting.  It is a great way to organize with the different tiers.  Plus it is so very pretty….

If you have been around here any amount of time, you know I love mason jars.  So you knew they were going to be included right?  They don’t have to be vintage to be functional.  Use any size mason jars you have to spruce up your organization.

Galvanized buckets are functional and gorgeous when added among other vintage items.  Plus you can add magnets on the outside.  I ran into a ton of chipboard boxes at the thrift store.  It was $2 for 6 nesting boxes.  I need to add something to be able to tell what the contents are but you can’t beat the price.

What other vintage and thrift store finds do you use to organize?  I left out baskets but that felt too obvious.  :)  I hope to have a completed craft area before too much longer.  I am organizing slowly in an effort to do it correctly.   That way it will hopefully stay that way.  
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  1. says

    I never throw away jars or those little plastic cups from applesauce (for painting and gluing).
    Those little containers from Kentucky Fried with the red lids (coleslaw, beans and mashed spuds come in in them) are perfect for keeping little stuff. My husband cringes when I wipe them out to take home. What a shame to throw away.
    As you can imagine my studio is a mess. I get it all cleaned up then make a bunch of stuff and oh boy what a mess again. I can’t seem to make things unless my “stuff” is all out so I can see for inspiration. Alot of times I’ll start out to make something one way and end up making something else a whole other way. But those things are ones that seem to turn out best.
    I have to ask you where you got those adorable metat picnic baskets. I have one but it’s not nearly that cute. I’d so love to have yours. If you ever decide to sell them please let them me know. lOve your blog.

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