How to Spray Paint a Rug

I am on a spray painting kick this week.  Something about the nicer weather makes me break out the cans.  Today I am spray painting a rug.  A rug??  Yep an indoor rug!  Ready for the how to?  Start with a REALLY ugly rug that you don’t care to ruin.  Yep there is mine on the left….

I figured I couldn’t make it WORSE.  So I went for it.  I spray painted the entire thing gray.  Just regular old Krylon I had on hand….nothing special about it.  Then I wanted stripes.  My extra fancy method for making stripes??  Oh yes…cardboard…

I just made various widths in white and an antique brass metallic.  All colors I had on hand.  No rhyme or reason to the width of my stripes at all.  I was loving it after the first few stripes so I kept going.

Now, if you walk on this barefoot it IS a bit “crunchier” than it was before.  But the difference in appearance makes me forgive the crunchy steps.  I mean it is gorgeous!  And I did it all with stuff I had on hand…freebie!

So have you ever done something crazy like spray paint a rug?  Is yours a little crunchy?  Anyway to get rid of the crunch?

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    I think I’ve seen other bloggers who painted theirs with acrylics (I think? Wasn’t spray paint, something they rolled on!), say that they sanded their rugs with sandpaper a bit to get rid of some of the crunchiness! I’m pretty sure it was Tater Tots n Jello & House of Smiths who made rugs together and did this. Spray painting it is an awesome idea too!! Guess it couldn’t hurt to try it a little? I’d try on just one end do you could go back over it and fix just that one stripe if needed!!

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    Well, you learn something new each day! I’ve never ever thought of spray painting a rug, but now you’ve done it, I’m thinking…

    Splendid idea. I’m glad you thought of it, because now I have an option to brighten up my dull, boring rug.

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