Monster Mallows Halloween Treats

Do you love spooky treats to serve at Halloween?  Want to get the kiddos involved in making them?  My monster mallows are for you!  Super simple Halloween marshmallows that the whole family can make.  I also have links to SIX more spooky treats for y’all at the bottom of this post so be sure to scroll down!

For my monster mallows, I used marshmallows, color mist food spray, food writer markers, vanilla almond bark, and sprinkles.

Can you believe they make a spray paint for food?  Love this product.  I took some marshmallows and sprayed them green on all sides.  I don’t think I would let the kids loose with the spray.

Draw faces on both plain marshmallows and your green sprayed ones.  These food markers are definitely kid friendly.  We had so much fun coming up with faces for these little guys.

Then dip the top of each marshmallow in melted vanilla almond bark then in sprinkles.  We used both the plain chocolate sprinkles pictured and also a few with rainbow sprinkles.

The almond bark dries really fast so these little guys are ready to devour in no time. 

Perfect for your next Halloween party!  This would be a great item to let the kids MAKE at your next Halloween party.  They could each take home their own bag of monster mallows that they designed.

My kids loved eating the “monster heads” all by themselves.  But you could add these to the top of cupcakes for a larger dessert.

I set up my monster mallows for a photo shoot but we served them all thrown in a bowl.  They even looked cute served that way after I got them in there.

Break out your food markers and let you little monsters get busy making some monster mallows this weekend.  It is the perfect weekend afternoon activity for kids of all ages (yes I enjoyed making them too).

I am joining up with some other lovely ladies today to bring you SEVEN spooky treats!  

From top to bottom you have:
Cookie Pops from Always in Wonder
Pumpkin Patch Cookie Cupcakes from Madigan Made



My Monster Mallows!  Click over and enjoy each treat…then get to cooking!



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