20 Plus Recycled Storage Solutions

There are times when we need some organization in our lives but we just don’t have the cash for expensive store bought storage solutions.  Why not use recycled items for your storage needs?  But they don’t have to look recycled.  With some clever crafting, you can have stylish recycled storage for your organizing needs.  Check out all 20 plus projects below to jump start your inspiration.



Ways to use recycled jars for storage (clockwise starting from upper left):



Ways to use recycled cans for storage (clockwise from upper left):

Mod Podge Rocks Recycled Tins
Homework Faux White Rust Cans
The Country Chic Cottage Craft Paint Organization
Mom’s Craft Space Crayon Holder



Ways to recycle cardboard for storage (clockwise from upper left):



Ways to recycle trash for storage (clockwise from upper left):



Ways to recycle thrift store items for storage (clockwise from upper left):

What are your favorite ways to use recycled items for storage solutions?
Don’t miss even more quick cleaning and organizing ideas over at 30 Minute Crafts this week!



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