80s Girl Halloween Costume from the Dollar store

Halloween is almost here.  My tween wanted to be an 80s girl.  The costume she picked out in a book was close to $50.  So I decided to DIY my own version of this costume from Dollar Store finds.  

80s girl costume

A quick rundown of the items used for this costume:

  • Glasses – $1 from The Dollar Tree
  • Tshirt – $1 from The Dollar Tree (customized by screen printing with items on hand)
  • Necklace and bracelets – we had these at home but these can be purchased anywhere
  • Leggings – had on hand (customized by screen printing with items on hand)
  • Skirt – $4 black and pink netting cut from items at The Dollar Tree and sewn onto leggings
  • Glove – $1 from second hand store
  • Shoes – on hand
TOTAL = $7


80s girl costume

I knew that I wanted to paint on the shirt and leggings.  I actually had a product that makes screens and ink on hand.  You could absolutely use fabric paint instead.  I created the “totally rad” graphic on my computer in my word processing program.

80s girl costume

I took black and pink netting that I actually cut away from Dollar Tree items and sewed them onto the leggings as a skirt.  The black was from a Halloween item and the pink was three of those pink princess skirts for little girls.

80s girl costume

These glasses are OH SO 80s!  And they were right there at The Dollar Tree.  I really think they made the look.

80s girl costume

We had fun making this costume and posing for some modeling pictures.  A perfect excuse to spend some time together.  I am in love with the results.  She is “totally rad” and ready to like go to a party or whatever….



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