Macbeth Halloween Decor

I am over at Craft Test Dummies this morning testing out Mod Podge Antique.  I thought I would share a tutorial for this project here cause I am in LOVE with the way it turned out.  My Macbeth Halloween decor is sure to scare your little ghost and goblins.

Let’s start with that Witch’s Spell paper.  I took a part of Macbeth and put it into Word along with the words “Witch’s Spell” across the top.  You can easily make your own or print my version from here.

I started by crumpling up the paper and smoothing it back out.  

I then took a pouncer sponge brush and added two heavy coats of Mod Podge Antique over the surface (allowing to dry between coats).  

I then took the paper outside and in a safe area I burnt the edges until I was happy with my creation.  The kids are absolutely fascinated at how old this paper looks and I made it in just a few hours (with dry time).  

I wanted a few bottle of ingredients for my spell.  I found these labels on the Graphics Fairy.  Guess what?  Two of these are EXACTLY what is mentioned in the portion of Macbeth that I printed above.  

 So I cut out the labels I wanted including one that says “Witch’s Brew” for my cauldron.  I gave them two coats of Mod Podge Antique over the top of each before I put them on.

I started playing with the jars.  For the “Owlet’s Wing”, I coated the inside of the jar with Mod Podge Antique
and allowed to dry.  The glass took on a gorgeous opaque color that I adore!

I then filled the jar with white feathers and put a lid and cheesecloth on it.  You can just make out the contents but it is not as obvious as if the jar were clear.

Next was my Eye of Newt.  I took a bottle of green glaze I had in my stash and painted the inside of that jar then allowed to dry.

I put white styrofoam balls in it before capping with a lid and cheese cloth.  The kids wanted to know if they really were eyeballs.  Mission accomplished.  Again you can see through the jar but the green makes it more difficult.

Next up is my cauldron.  I actually bought it at a yard sale last year.  It is old and beat up and perfect!  I added the Witch’s Brew label and some cheese cloth to the inside.

We also had the skull to add to the spooky.  I love my little Macbeth vignette and so do the kids!  Halloween can be scary and fun!

You can add these to your Halloween decor quickly and with things you may already have around the house.  I did not buy anything for this one and I think it looks amazing.


MacBeth inspired Halloween decor -- print spell and labels for FREE here!  Then age and add to jars!  A fun display for a spooky Halloween!




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