Pumpkin Favor Bags for Busy Moms

It is almost time for the classroom Halloween party.  Think you are too busy to send one of those cutesy treat bags?  Think again!  My pumpkin favor bags are cute AND are quick and easy for busy moms.  I have been using this trick since my 18 year old was in elementary school.  

The supplies needed are super easy to find.  I purchased most of mine at Walmart but try your dollar store, craft store, or just about anywhere.  You will need:

  • Tissue paper (I went with orange and black)
  • Pipe cleaners (I used green and orange)
  • Raffia (I have been using the same large bundle I bought YEARS ago)
  • Plastic bags (fold top preferred)
  • Candy
  • Pencil


Cut the sheets of tissue paper into fourths.  This size worked best for my candy.  Try with one bag of candy and one sheet of tissue paper before you cut your entire package of paper.


Fill your bags with candy and put in the center of a tissue paper rectangle.

Bring up sides and tie with a few pieces of raffia.

I then tie with a few more pieces making extra raffia strings.

Then wrap with a pipe cleaner and use a pencil to make curly ends.

You are done!  So simple, easy, and cute!  I did orange and black ones this year.  These go with my 7 year old boy this year and I thought the black ones were perfect for boys.

Grab the supplies for these during your next trip to the store.  Then you can make enough for the entire class in about 20 minutes.  Your kids will feel like the coolest kids in school on party day!



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