Doily Christmas Tree

   Time to make that doily tree I showed y’all last week…

It is so super simple!  Gather up your doilies.  I found some cardboard cones at a thrift store.  They look like maybe empty thread spools…

If you can’t find anything like that, rolled up kraft paper into cones works just fine…or even roll kraft paper around a styrofoam cone.

 Depending on the size of your cone and doilies, it might take a whole doily or a half doily…

Just wrap the doily around and secure with hot glue or tape….so easy!  Then cut off the excess at the bottom. 

 A thirty second project that you will love.

These have found their way to my mantle.  Which I will be sharing with y’all in a bit.  So stay tuned!


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Since Poinesttias are my fave thing for holiday decor I am going to link these up with the Nester.
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