Feather Christmas Trees from Cereal Boxes and Blog Hop

I have become obsessed.  Feather trees are all I have been able to think about.  Maybe I can finally sleep.  Psst…there is also a holiday blog hop at the end of this post y’all.  If you are ready to get into the spirit of the season, there are tons of links to get you started!

I bought my feathers at for about $2.  I have seen them at a variety of Dollar stores, big box stores, and craft stores.  Then I realized I did not have any cones for trees.  I decided to make my own from cereal boxes or whatever kind of box I could find.

Just unfold your box and lay flat.  Cut away the flaps on both sides.

Roll into a cone like shape and cut off the excess.

Glue down that flap and you are left with this….

That won’t sit up straight.  Cut the end until your cone stands up right.

Now we are ready to craft.  Take your feathers and glue them on starting at the bottom row.

Just keep filling in until you can’t see the brown anymore.  Then start with a second row.  This smaller tree only took 2 rows.  The larger version took 3.

Now for the top.  I took a fuzzy feather.

Snipped off the end and wrapped it around the top using hot glue to secure.

That is really it y’all.  This one is super simple.  It can be completed start to finish in less than 30 minutes.  Gotta love hot glue!

I made two sizes.  These both came out of the one pack of feathers.  There were only a few left after I was done.  So if you want a feather tree forest you will need more feathers.

I will be adding these to my holiday decorations whenever I put them up.  How about y’all?  Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?
Linking this one up to the challenge on Dollar Store Crafts.

If you want to spark your holiday creativity, see the linky party below with lots of great creative ideas for you home.  For those of y’all that love a giveaway, there is also some crafty items up for grabs on 100 directions.




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