How to Sew a Bolster Pillow

 If you have ever wanted to learn how to sew a bolster pillow, this post is for you!  Plus I have a super simple way to add words to a pillow. Nope that is not embroidery.  I will spoil the surprise for y’all.  My secret is glue!  Amazing right?  This post is actually sponsored by Elmer’s Products as I joined onto their craft crew for 2015.  The project is entirely mine as are any opinions.

How to sew a bolster pillow -- make this great pillow for St. Patrick's Day or change up the word and color for anytime of the year.  Full instructions for making and sewing this great pillow!
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Leprechaun Hat Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

 Okay if you can believe it… is almost March!  Time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day.  If you give your kids a treat or are having a party, these leprechaun hat treats might just be for you.  Paint these little bowls to look like hats then add in the pot  of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Well a pot of gold colored chocolate at least!  This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed but I thought I would post it here in case you missed it. 


Fun treat for Saint Patrick's Day in the shape of a leprechaun hat!  A quick and easy craft for any party or just to give a gift to the kids.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Brownies

Make something special for your family for Saint Patrick’s Day in just minutes with my Saint Patrick’s Day brownies recipe.  These are so super simple and quick that you can be the star of the kitchen in no time flat.

Saint Patrick's Day Brownies -- mix in mint M&Ms for a festive and easy brownie recipe.

Use your favorite brownie mix and mix according to package directions.  Pour into pan and sprinkle green M&Ms on top before baking.  You can separate out the green M&Ms from a package or they actually sell mint M&Ms now that are all green!


Saint Patrick's Day Brownies -- mix in mint M&Ms for a festive and easy brownie recipe.

So simple and so darn good.  Your family will love these Saint Patrick’s Day brownies fresh from your kitchen.  Bring on the green!

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick’s Day

I was given a kanzashi flower maker at CHA from Clover.  I have been itching to try it out.  I decided to use it to make a Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Perfect for a small addition to your outfit for the day that will keep you pinch free.  Plus you can make this so quickly and easily.  Seriously you won’t believe how easy it is.  

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day

You will need a green bandanna, bar pins, an Extra Small Kanzashi Flower Maker, and a button.  You can read a full review of the Kanzashi Flower Maker and learn where to purchase it over on Craft Test Dummies.

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day
The flower maker is simple to use and comes with complete instructions.  I chose that green bandanna but you can use any green material you have on hand.  
Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day
You just clip on your flower maker.

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day
Cut around the outside.

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day
Sew right in those numbered slots.  Then pull taught and keep repeating. 
Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day
I made a six petal flower all within a few minutes.   
Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day

I used hot glue to add my bar pin to the back.  

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day

 Plus another drop of hot glue to put a button in the center.  Now my Green Kanzashi Flower Pin is complete and ready to wear this Saint Patrick’s Day.  

Green Kanzashi Flower Pin for Saint Patrick's Day

Do you love buttons?  I have joined the design team over at Buttons Galore and More.  So you will see me using more buttons in my projects plus posting over on their blog on occasion.  Be sure to follow them to keep up with all of our button projects.

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt plus Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts @decoart_inc

Are you ready for Saint Patrick’s Day?  It is just around the corner.  So I am joining up with some of my blog friends to bring you some crafts.  I am going to share with you my Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt.  So simple yet so cute.  Plus it will keep your kids (or you) from getting pinched.  Perfect right?  So lets get started!

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

To make the ombre shirt you will need:
  • Holly Green Americana Paint
  • Festive Green Americana Paint
  • Sour Apple Americana Paint
  • Yellow Green Americana Paint
  • Citron Green Americana Paint
  • Americana Fabric Painting Medium 
  • Long sleeve white t-shirt
  • Dome Blender Brush
  • Freezer Paper
  • Ruler
  • Computer Printer
  • Craft Knife
I used the above colors of paint.  You can of course pick other greens just make sure they have a gradient effect.

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

Freezer paper is one of the easiest ways to stencil fabric.  Just cut your shape and iron it on your shirt.  That is what I used in this case and the outline turned out very sharp and crisp.
1.  Print a four leaf shamrock shape on plain paper.  Lay your shamrock under freezer paper.  Use a craft knife to cut the shamrock out of freezer paper.  Iron freezer paper to front of t-shirt.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

2.  Mix paint 2 to 1 with Americana Fabric Painting Medium.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
3.  Use a ruler to evenly space your colors.  TIP:  Write on freezer paper with a pen or pencil where your colors will change.


Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

4.  Insert scrap cardboard or card stock in between front and back or shirt.  Paint with each color starting with the darkest on the bottom.  Use your ruler as a guide for the lines.    

Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
5.  Lines between colors should slightly overlap.  Paint 2 coats on your shirt.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt
6.  When dry, remove freezer paper stencil by pulling away from shirt.  Air dry for 24 – 48 hours, then heat set for 30 seconds with iron.  TIP:  Shirt should be washed inside out on gentle cycle.
Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt

 Now you can use this method to create an easy shirt for your kids or yourself.  Plus you can say you made it yourself.  This Ombre Clover Pinch Proof Shirt is both simple and stylish.  If y’all love this, then check out what my friends have in store for you.  We have tons of Saint Patrick’s Day fun for you today so check out the links below.

Happy St Patricks Day!!

Let’s celebrate!! 

How about a pinch-proof tshirt??  Sounds good right??  And it only takes a few minutes!  Cut out your stencil from freezer paper.

I used my Silouette — but an exacto knife would work.  The pattern is not that difficult.  Save those in side parts of that peace sign though!  And iron the entire thing onto your t-shirt.

Add some paint!!  Be sure to put some cardboard between your shirt layers.  Let dry and you are ready to wear! 

My pre-teen is infatuated with peace signs so this seemed like the PERFECT alternative for St. Patty’s day!

Not all green…but pinch proof!

Come up with your own design if you wish…the freezer paper makes things OH so easy!  The directions are right on the box so you really can’t mess this one up!  It was my first time using it for tshirt stenciling and it was a breeze.

Happy painting!   
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Wearin’ o’ the green

Need some green for March??  Try a fabric rose headband….yep…you can make your own!

Remember the shabby rose wreath I made?  Well I made a not so shabby rose for this headband.  You will need a length of green fabric about 3 inches wide and a headband.  Plus another smaller square of fabric.

Start with the long piece of 3 inch wide fabric and fold it in half right sides together.  Sew all the way down the side.  Then turn it right side out…

You end up with a long tube like this…

I turned both ends under and sewed to get a finish edge…

Then on a smaller square of fabric (start with about the size you want your rose), begin sewing your long tube in the center of the square.  Sewing in the center of the tube. 

Sew around in a circle.  As tight as you can get it.

Continue around and around staying in the center of your “tube”. 

Finally you will get to the edge of your square of fabric.  Then I just cut off the remainder of my tube.  Turned the edge in and sewed. 

Trim your square around your rose…and you have a not so shabby rose!  In green!  I just hot glued it to my headband.

 I don’t know how all these bloggers take pics of themselves….sigh…this is what I ended up with…

I will stick with taking pics of it laying down!! :) 

So if you don’t want to wear the standard St. Patty’s day attire…make yourself a headband to wear your green! 
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