Make an Extra Long Shower Curtain #listerinedesign

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After completing our bathroom upstairs, I thought the downstairs bathroom could use a little love as well.  Just a little facelift and some new accessories.  I started with making an extra long shower curtain then I added in some fun metal baskets.  Plus I found an amazing chevron Listerine bottle that just had to be added to this bathroom as well.  

How to Make an Extra Long Shower Curtain -- add length to your shower curtain so it goes all the way from floor to ceiling.  A great project to fix those curtains that are too short.

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Quick and Easy Nautical Art

 I have a super quick and easy project for you today.  This nautical art is perfect for bathrooms, beach houses, or any beach themed room that you have in your home.  This one was first posted over at Buttons Galore and More last year but I am reposting it here because it still looks lovely in my bathroom!  Grab those starfish and get crafty.

 Nautical Art -- a quick and easy way to make beach themed art for your home.  Click to get the full instructions.

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Nautical Themed Bathroom Design

I am finally ready to reveal my nautical themed bathroom design.  This post has a ton of pictures so sit back and enjoy the eye candy.  Grab a few ideas for your own beach themed bathroom as well.  I have been working on this one for a few weeks now and I must say I am super proud of the results.  Do you know that feeling when something turns out just like you envisioned it?  Yep this is just the way I saw this room in my head.  If you are looking for before pictures of this room, you can head on over to the post from when it was a for the love of books bathroom.  The kids are getting older now however and it was time for a change.  

Nautical Themed Bathroom Design -- an elegant yet fun spin on the beach theme for a bathroom.


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Finding a Bathroom Cabinet

If you have been around here anytime at all, you know that I have been working on my upstairs bathroom. The next step is finding a bathroom cabinet. Boy that sounds like an easy task right? Well it was a challenge to find exactly the right piece of furniture for the space. But I have done it! Thanks to Sauder – my bathroom has a cabinet.

Finding a bathroom cabinet -- shopping for and finding the perfect bathroom cabinet -- even if it turns out to be a bookshelf!

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How to Sew Curtains

 If you can sew a straight line then you can learn how to sew curtains.  They really are that simple.  I have already showed you how to sew a simple valance and now it is time for some full length drapes.  I am continuing on in the upstairs bathroom and I hope to have a reveal for y’all soon.  For now lets learn how to sew curtains the easy way!
 How to Sew Curtains -- a tutorial for sewing long straight line drapes for your home.

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Wicker Makeover with Paint

 Earlier this week I showed you how I have been painting a claw foot tub.  Now I am going to give you another sneak peek into a paint project for my bathroom.  A wicker bench that I have given a makeover with paint.  A little light paint on wicker gives it a almost rustic beachy appearance that I thought would go perfectly with the vibe I am going for in this room.  This is just the start of the projects for this room so y’all stay tuned for more bathroom projects and a final reveal soon.  This post on painting wicker is part of my design team status with DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own.

Wicker Makeover with paint -- add paint to wicker to give it a fun new look that will fit in with your home.  See how this bench looked before and after the paint treatment. 

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Painting a Claw Foot Tub

 I have been working on painting a claw foot tub and the results make my heart sing.  This is the first step in a bathroom makeover that I hope you all are going to love.  Step one was to paint the monster in the room.  I did some research and painting a claw foot tub is surprisingly easy.  And I have been scared all of these years!  This post is in conjunction with DecoArt and was compensated however all projects and opinions are my own.

    Painting a Claw Foot Tub -- ever wondered how to paint your claw foot tub?  Here are the answers!   

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Paint a Step Stool

 Take a cue from the project below and paint a step stool this weekend.  A fun and easy project that will look great in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home.  So y’all I can’t reach the top cabinets in my kitchen.  Yep I am tad short.  So this step stool gives me the extra height I need without pulling up a kitchen chair.  However I wanted it to be pretty and go in the kitchen as well.  You will love this stencil and how easy it is to get this look for yourself.  This project was originally posted over on the DecoArt blog but I am sharing here in case y’all missed it.

Paint a Step Stool -- love the stenciled arrows on the top and the color dipped feet. [Read more...]

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

What else can I possibly make with a mason jar?  A mason jar toothbrush holder of course!  The classic mason jar is so versatile and yes it seems like I am using them a few times a month for a project around here.  But we all have our passions right?  This mason jar toothbrush holder is so quick and easy to make…I almost can’t call this a tutorial.   

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder -- make this in just 5 minutes with a few supplies!

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Dr. Seuss Quote Sign

It is Craft Lightning week and this time we are having a week of Dr. Seuss crafts.  If you are new around here, Craft Lightning is where I partner with 30 Minute Crafts for a week of quick and easy crafts that take 15 minutes or less.  Each morning I will post a fun original craft tutorial and each afternoon I will post a round up with features from our series partners.  If you want a chance to be featured this week, be sure to link up to our Craft Lightning linky party.  If you have missed any of the fun this week, be sure to visit the round ups from day 1day 2, day 3, and day 4.  Or you can find them all and more on our Dr. Seuss Pinterest board. My first project this week is this great Dr. Seuss quote sign.    

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

Start with a 12 x 12 wood sign and some RIT dye in the color of your choice.  RIT dye?  Yep we are going to use it to stain the wood.  Just pour 1/2 a cup of dye and 1 cup of hot water into a bowl.  Paint that mixture on your sign using a foam brush.  Be sure to wear gloves and protect your surfaces well when working with dye.  Wipe off any excess dye after about 2 minutes and you have a perfectly stained board in the color of your choice.  Allow the board to dry completely before continuing.  

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

My stencil is a custom stencil from Right Side Stuff.  They actually sent me this stencil free of charge but I was not paid or perked in any other way.  I will say that the results with this stencil were great and I would highly recommend them.  If you want to make this sign, just drop them an email and tell them you want this stencil and she will make it for you!  You will also need Americana multi surface paint in lipstick, cottonball, and steel grey.  Plus painter’s tape and paint pens in black and white.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

Directions come with your stencil but basically you remove the backing paper and apply to your surface using a squeegee or shopper’s card.  Then remove the transfer paper and you can then paint your letters.  My letters took 2 – 3 coats each and I left the stencil on until the letters were adequately painted.  These stencils leave amazing clear lines with little to no bleed through.  I was very impressed with the quality of the paint job I was able to achieve with them.  NOTE:  the stencil comes in 2 halves so I did the top half and then the bottom half.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

When painting the bottom half, I did the question mark in grey and masked it off for the other portions.  I then painted the “stand out” in white with three coats and allowed to dry.  Then place the painter’s tape over the words as shown below and paint that area in red.  Once complete, remove tape and stencil.  NOTE:  I found these to be one time use only stencils as I was not able to get them off in one piece.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

After your project is painted and completely dry, you can then go around the outside of the letters with a paint pen.  This really made the entire sign pop.  I used a black and white paint pen as shown below.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

Once everything has been allowed to dry, use a matte spray sealer over the entire project for protection.  Then you are ready to hang in the room of your choice.  This would make a wonderful addition to any kids room.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

I added the sign to my I Love Books Bathroom and it is just perfect in here.  Are you going to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss?  Be sure to stay tuned all week as we give you tons of craft projects to complete with your kids to get ready for Read Across America day.

Dr. Seuss Quote Sign -- make a quote sign with a stencil in just a few minutes.  Perfect for any kids room.

A few of my friends had some Dr. Seuss crafts that did not fit into our “15 Minute Craft” week.  So I gathered them up here so you can visit those as well! 

For even more Seuss crafts, be sure to check out our Dr. Seuss crafts Pinterest board.  I hope you also enjoyed my Dr. Seuss quote sign and will make one for your home.  Stay tuned all week for lots of quick and easy Dr. Seuss crafts.  
Product for this tutorial was given to me for the purpose of using it on this blog.  However all opinions and projects are my own.