Make a Fall Tray with Buttons

 You can make a fall tray with buttons with this craft tutorial.  I am in love with this tray.  It is sturdy and gorgeous which is the perfect combination.  Yep it is a thrift store makeover as well so it didn’t cost me much to make.  Grab your button stash and lets make a great fall tray with them.

Make a Fall Tray -- use buttons to make a fall scene on a tray then pour on a two part epoxy!  Full instructions for making your own by clicking!


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Fall Tablescape Ideas

 Today we are going bold with fall tablescape ideas that you will love.  I am actually participating in a tablescape showdown with two other bloggers.  So at the end of this post I will be begging for your vote.  Get your clicking fingers ready y’all!  You can win a prize when voting as well so there is definitely an incentive!  First lets explore my fall tablescape ideas with tons of pictures!  

Fall Tablescape Ideas -- Great ideas from bloggers using awning stripe tablecloths.

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Rustic Gold Centerpiece

I had this idea to cover barn wood with some metallic gold paint.  It turned out awesome.  But I just couldn’t stop there.  This rustic gold centerpiece was the result.  Use this for a dinner party or even for Thanksgiving.  A few bottles and some barn wood can become this rustic beauty in just a few minutes.  This post is a part of my design team status with DecoArt.  I am compensated for my participation however all projects and opinions are my own.  

Rustic Gold Centerpiece -- mix gold with barn wood for an elegant yet rustic table centerpiece.
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Chalkboard Kitchen Art FREE Printable

 I have a fun free printable for y’all today.  My chalkboard kitchen art is a fun cheeky way to share what is on the menu tonight with your crew.  Print this fun art that looks like a chalkboard and leave it up all year long.  Anyone want to know what is for supper?  Point them to this sign!

 Chalkboard Kitchen Art -- print this fun kitchen art for free and let them know what is on the menu today!

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Kitchen Organization Ideas

I have posted a variety of kitchen organization ideas around here over the years.  I decided I would round up the top ideas that actually work in our home.  These ideas are all still functioning in my home today and make our kitchen run smooth.  These are all tried and tested ideas that you can easily replicate for some organization in your own home.

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Organizing Spices in Mason Jars

 Is your spice drawer a mess?  I have a great solution for you!  Organizing spices in mason jars.  However my version has a unique twist with chalkboard that makes this idea even better.  This one was first posted over at the Darice blog however I wanted to share it here in case you missed it.  I have been living with this mason jar spice organizer for over 3 months and it really works for us.  I hope it will work for you as well. 

Organizing spices with mason jars -- learn how to use mason jars and chalkboard paper to organize your spice drawers.  A great kitchen organization idea!

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Refrigerator Command Center

 Everyone that has kids knows that there are schedules and paper everywhere.  In order to keep it all corralled and somewhat organized, I came up with this refrigerator command center.  We had a big empty area on the side of our refrigerator just begging to get clean and organized.  This is a project that won’t take you much time to complete but will reward you with time when you don’t have to search for those pesky doctor reminder cards or the latest sports schedule.

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Summer Utensil Caddy 3 Ways

 Are you throwing any parties this summer?  Get my ideas on how to decorate a summer utensil caddy three ways.  Turn a simple utensil caddy into part of the party decor with my super simple ideas.  The best part?  All of my ideas are not permanent so your utensil caddy can be re-used again and again.

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Paint a Step Stool

 Take a cue from the project below and paint a step stool this weekend.  A fun and easy project that will look great in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home.  So y’all I can’t reach the top cabinets in my kitchen.  Yep I am tad short.  So this step stool gives me the extra height I need without pulling up a kitchen chair.  However I wanted it to be pretty and go in the kitchen as well.  You will love this stencil and how easy it is to get this look for yourself.  This project was originally posted over on the DecoArt blog but I am sharing here in case y’all missed it.

Paint a Step Stool -- love the stenciled arrows on the top and the color dipped feet. [Read more...]

Painted Plaid Rug

I am in love with a recent project I completed and wanted to be sure y’all saw all the details on my painted plaid rug.  I grabbed a plain jute rug from Old Time Pottery and added in some plaid flair with just a little paint.  This project was actually deemed as “cool” by my teenagers.  Now that is something to shout from the rooftops y’all. 

Painted Plaid Rug -- turn an ordinary rug to extraordinary with a little paint!

Just click here to go to Old Time Pottery for the full details on making your own painted plaid rug.  I write a blog post over there once a month and trust me y’all… don’t want to miss this one!  Make one of these for your kitchen, kids room, bathroom, any room in your home.  A touch of plaid is great anywhere.  

Painted Plaid Rug -- turn an ordinary rug to extraordinary with a little paint!

Are you using plaid in your home to decorate?  I would love to hear where or better yet leave me a link to your blog and show me.  I hope you will head over and see my painted plaid rug tutorial as well.  This post is sponsored by Old Time Pottery but all opinions and projects are my own.