Ideas for an Organized Laundry Room

 I will admit it.  My laundry room was a disaster.  We have been decluttering around here and the laundry room was on the hit list.  We came up with some great ideas for an organized laundry room and I thought I would share them here.  This post is sponsored by Online Labels however all projects and opinions are my own.

Ideas for an Organized Laundry Room -- get tips and tricks for organizing!

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Farmhouse Style Mud Room Organization and Ideas

 I was challenged by Better Homes and Gardens this month to make my home holiday ready and they are sponsoring this post.  For me the flurry of holiday guests sends me into nesting and organization mode.  Around our home, the guests all feel free to just pop in the back door.  Which means instead of entering through our foyer they are coming in through the mud room.  Hmmm…not exactly holiday ready y’all.  So I made it my mission to organize, clean up, and make my mud room ready for any holiday celebration that happens at our home.  

Mud Room Organization and Ideas -- incorporate these farmhouse style ideas into your own home!

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Make a Gold Hanger for Pictures in Minutes!

 This is such a darn simple idea but I just love the way it turned out.  You can make a gold hanger for pictures in minutes.  Two ingredients, five minutes, and you have some stylish decor that will be unique and fun.  This is a part of the makeover in my mud room so y’all stay tuned for the full reveal tomorrow.


Make a gold hanger for pictures in just minutes!

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Making a Barn Wood Frame

 I have been secretly working on my mud room for a few weeks now and this week is the big reveal.  I am going to start with a few project posts then I will show you the entire room.  One of the first projects I tackled was making a barn wood frame.  You see I had this plain old builder grade mirror.  You know the one with those awful clips that hold it on the wall?  Well it was time to say bye to those clips and hello to gorgeous farmhouse style.  If you want to be inspired by even more rustic wood projects, be sure to scroll to the end of this post.


Making a barn wood frame for a mirror -- turn a plain builder grade mirror into something with farmhouse style!

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Painted Wood Caddy with Chalky Finish Paint #chalkyfinish #decoartprojects

 It is no secret that DecoArt Chalky Finish paint is one my my favorite craft supplies.  I recently completed this painted wood caddy and thought I would share with y’all today.  I am blessed to be on the DecoArt design team and am compensated for posts such as these however all projects and opinions are my own.  I would definitely love the chalky finish paint regardless. 

Painted Wood Caddy -- use a stencil and Decoart Chalky Finish paint to complete this look on any wood surface.
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Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar — Make your Own!

 My magnetic chalkboard calendar!  The perfect organization tool for the busy family.  I made all sorts of magnets using the PSA stamps that I am sure you are going to love! 

Let’s start with the calendar itself and move on to the magnets in a minute.
Magnetic Calendar
Materials Needed (for calendar):
  • Frame
  • Sheet of metal cut to size for your frame (mine is 20 inches by 24 inches)
  • Metal Cleaner
  • Metal Primer
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Spray Paint for frame
  • Chalk Markers
1)  First take your metal piece and clean it really well.  I used engine cleaner for cars.  Anything that is made to clean metal.  Rinse it really well and follow all package directions.

2)  Next paint one side of your metal piece with one coat of primer plus two to three coats of chalkboard paint.  Again follow all directions on your paint.  Chalkboard paint generally has to cure for 24 hours before use so please be aware of that.
3)  Now for the frame.  I bought mine at a thrift store.  I used a spray primer plus paint in one in Sky Blue.  Paint whatever color you want.  You can of course use a brush and regular paint instead if that is what you have.

4)  After the chalkboard paint has cured, be sure to follow the directions on the paint for conditioning it.  Generally you rub chalk all over your surface and clean it back off.
5)  Do you know what chalk markers are?  They are chalk but they are more permanent than regular chalk.  You can find them at your local craft store.  They come in white or fluorescent colors.  I picked the colorful pack!  Chalk markers only come off when they get wet.  So no worries about smudging or accidentally wiping off your calendar.  Plus the lines are so much more crisp!  If you have ever wondered how those boards at your local restaurant look so great, the secret is chalk markers!

6)  I used a ruler as a straight edge.  I calculated so that my calendar was roughly centered and the squares are all the same size.  Be sure your magnets will fit inside your squares.  Leave an area for your month and days of the week.  Plus add your numbers to the squares.  Remember at the end of the month, you just use water to wipe off and you can draw on an whole new month.  Bonus:  If you mess up your calculations and your calendar looks awful, you can clean it off and start again.  I bet you can’t guess how I know that!! :)

Now that we have a magnetic chalkboard calendar, we need magnets to go along with it!
Materials needed (for magnets):
  • 1 1/2 inch wood circles or metal washers (I will show you how to use both)
  • Paint (craft paint or spray paint)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • PSA Essentials stamps and ink
  • Self adhesive magnets
PSA makes some stamps that are just perfect for a calendar!  I used a combination of the Mom’s Calendar and the Date Night stamps…

For the first set of magnets we are going to use the wood circles.  This is the pack I purchased at the craft store…

1)  Paint the edges of your wood circles with craft paint (you could also just spray paint the entire circle).  I used paint colors that matched the scrapbook paper I had on hand.

2)  Trace your circles onto the craft paper and cut out.

3)  Using various colors of ink, stamp your paper circles with your PSA stamps.  See how the paper matches the paint I used for the edges…

4)  Layer on a few coats of mod podge.
5)  Once dry, add your magnet to the back.  I used the self adhesive magnets but I actually added some glue to the adhesive.  I admit it, I did not trust the adhesive that came with them.  You can always glue them later if you self adhesive strip fails.  :)

Oh how I wish that vacation magnet could have made it onto the September calendar! :)  But that is another subject! 
I also made a set of inspirational magnets for my calendar.  Say if there is a tough test at school that day, you might mark that day with “make it happen”.  Or if there is a play audition at school, you might put “dare to dream” on that day.  I thought it would be fun for the kids!  And PSA makes a set of stamps for that too!  I used the Dare to Dream set for these magnets…

For these I substituted metal washers.  So if you can’t find the wood discs, a trip to your local hardware store will get you these 1 1/2 inch washers that will fit the bill just fine!  For the paint on these I just used spray paint…

Then just follow the steps up above to make your magnets…

A completely optional accessory that I found were these magnetic clips.  I used them to hold my chalk.  As you can see this is regular chalk.  Writing on the calendar in regular chalk will allow me to erase any notes on the calendar without disturbing the chalk marker lines during the month!

So I laid out our month of September…and yep we have a birthday this month!  Daddy will be celebrating on the 11th!

There you have it!  A magnetic chalkboard calendar to help keep you organized this school year!  After all, who can actually remember all those due dates? trips? school functions? practices? games? — the list goes on and on!!

There is plenty of room at the bottom of my calendar to store my extra magnets and my chalk clips.  You might want to think about that when you are sizing your own calendar. 

I hope you make your own calendar and enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine!


Organize your life with this magnetic chalkboard calendar. It is so easy to make with this craft tutorial.

Shoe Organization

Time once again for a little organization!  This time I am tackling the shoes in the mud room. 

I had an opportunity to review something from CSN stores…what do I choose??  A shelf organizer.  :)  Exciting right? 
I did not take a before picture.  But picture a rug, a pile of shoes…that was before.
This is after…..

Plus a flip flop basket…

There are 5 of us.  So tons of shoes.  Plus work shoes for the farm.  So I am trying to make this area under the mud room sink work. 

Do you think I can keep it looking this way?  Any other suggestions??  I could keep the huge pile and just build a skirt around the sink to hide it.  That would not be very convenient when you actually want to FIND the shoes though…  I am up for any thoughts you have!
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Hanging the Keys

Yesterday we sorted the mail.  Today we are going to hang the keys!  Trust me…life on a farm equals a lot of keys!

I found this gorgeous shape at a local thrift store for $1.  Gorgeous shape but wrong color.

Some white spray paint and we were already on the right track.  An addition of a “keys” stencil was all she needed.

Gorgeous keys storage for $1!  You can’t beat that!

I think I might be in love…and see what I mean about a lot of keys….

And when you add it to the mail sorter from yesterday…we have the makings of an organization center! 

Pretty and organized…ah…much better….

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Framing Maps

I found a vintage atlas at the thrift store!  Gorgeous, old, with a great patina!  So I pulled out Tennessee and framed it up.

The frame?  I have had these pictures forever…

I painted the frame and the mat.  Then framed up the two pages that contained Tennessee.  Great art…very cheap!

I will be listing the remaining pages of the atlas in my etsy shop.  So if you wanna frame some maps also, check em out while they last! 
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